"v neck t shirts mens"

"v neck t shirts mens"

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I'm at the size where sometimes I fit a small and sometimes I fit a medium. I check the measurements chart was exactly between small/medium and read that if unsure get one size up. Fair enough. It runs a little big for a medium so I was hoping that a good wash will make it perfect.This shirt shrunk a LOT on medium/low heat. Before washing, the length was perfect but the width was slightly too large. After the wash the length shrunk by almost TWO inches and the width shrunk by about one inch. I love the width, arms, and neck after the wash but the length shrunk too much that it can easily show my stomach when I raise my arms.

Stuck with air drying it and having it a bit oversized or drying it and having it fit perfect except for the length.

- paisleigh_flores

I have used Hanes v-neck t-shirts for years. Long enough to see a change in quality that’s not good. So I decided to try a new v- neck. The Gilman brand was not familiar, but it had good reviews. So I bought six. They came shortly after, washed and dried on hot to check shrinkage. Good news. They fit as hoped with a long tail, and the material quality is grate. Good thickness and soft.

- janessa_price

These shirts arrived unbelievably large; A size Large is much larger than a large in any other brand like J. Crew, Gap, Prana, Patagonia, any of Target's brands, etc.

I washed them on cold, and then the absolute lowest setting on my dryer. The shirts shrunk to be about the size of a J. Crew Medium, despite being exposed to virtually no heat, and cold water. I can't imagine what will happen when I wash them next. But, what's really crazy is the differences in each shirt. I had to throw one shirt away immediately after washing, because it was, no exaggeration, 4" shorter than the other shirts. It came down to above my belly button. None of the shirts are symmetrical, and none of them fit or are sewn the same as the other shirts. I assume these are hand made by people that are new to garment sewing. There are odd skipped and uneven stitches, which is something I've never noticed in any other factory produced garment. On top of all of this, these are paper thin shirts. Wearing the white shirt as an undershirt under a plain white button up, and you can see right through both shirts; these are definitely not appropriate shirts to wear on their own.

I'll be using these as undershirts, but I'm never buying anything from this brand again. I have shirts from other inexpensive brands that were just a little more expensive that are far better in both fit and quality.

- hudson_murphy

Meh...yeah, just meh. I guess you get what you pay for. Day 1 they came in and the first one I put on has a hole in the arm seam where it was not stitched properly. I guess I should have paid the extra $1 or $2 extra for the Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. I have not checked the other 5 but I'm not very confident these will last. I will write another review if they end up lasting but I'm guessing Gildan is not going to send me a replacement so I recommend just spending the extra buck for a better brand.

- winter_carter

Don't buy if you want the small v neck size in the photo. I ordered Large and the v neck is much larger than what is in the photo.

- amaya_ramos

In general, I’m a picky shopper in terms of quality, but when it comes to undershirts, I only need something of decent quality but at a good price.

As a point of reference, for my own use, three Calvin Klein v-neck undershirts at Costco for $19.99 cost more than what I felt was necessary for me (they are definitely of better quality though).

So I found these Gildans and gave them a try. The fact that they cost less than $2 per undershirt worried me so I wasn't expecting much, but they are actually better than expected, given the very reasonable price! I laundered them once before wearing one, and my initial impression is that they fit great (I ordered Medium size, and I’m a size 39 chest & 33 waist) and are of very acceptable quality considering the price.

I then compared them to some old Costco Kirkland V-neck T-Shirts that I’ve had for a very long time. These Gildans are a lighter thinner cotton, so their durability wash after wash remains to be seen, but I initially have absolutely no complaints for the price.

The Gildan cotton definitely feels rougher than the Kirklands, but not enough to prevent me from buying more Gildans for the price. The stitching on the Gildans is not as smooth or refined as the Kirkland’s, but again totally acceptable given the price point.

In the end, as long as you aren’t shopping for premium quality, IMHO I feel this is a very good deal on a set of 6 acceptable quality undershirts, and I found them even better than expected. If durability holds up after a reasonable amount of washes, I definitely plan to buy these again.

- pablo_adams

I grabbed these before I checked out as my husband wears these types of shirts frequently and his old ones were getting a bit too old! Fits well he’s 5’9 185lbs and we got a Medium

- hayden_kelly

Let’s start with the positive for the price you cannot beat it, but the are far too big for an xl and the white ones are see through. I like to wear v-necks at work on casual Friday’s but these do not make the cut for casual Friday’s as they are bigger than usual and see through

- halle_cruz

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- kyson_nguyen

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