100 Stocks That A Young Warren Buffett Might Buy: Proven Methods for Buying Stocks and Building Wealth Like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

100 Stocks That A Young Warren Buffett Might Buy: Proven Methods for Buying Stocks and Building Wealth Like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

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By: James Pattersenn Jr

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“Success in [stock] investing doesn't correlate with IQ ... what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in investing.” – Warren Buffett

In 100 Stocks that a Young Warren Buffett Might Buy, author James Pattersenn reveals how Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger earned a mind-blowing 1156% return on investment trading stocks and led Buffett to be the 2nd richest man in the world, at over $84B net worth. 

You will learn the most important stock buying guidelines that Buffett and Munger use to pick stocks that will outperform the stock market by large margins and build wealth incrementally over time.  Perhaps most valuable to today’s stock investors is the application of the Buffett – Munger model to build a profitable stock portfolio that performs better than the stock market in both bull markets and in times of market depression.

In this powerful stock investing guide, you will learn:

  • The specific criteria for picking Buffett-and-Munger type stocks via value investing
  • 4 key principles that Buffett and Munger use for stock valuation and stock selection
  • The importance of concentrating your stock portfolio
  • How to use free online stock screeners to locate and identify Buffett-and-Munger type stocks
  • The importance of the margin of safety
  • How to find undervalued stocks and buy growth stocks near the bottom of down trends
  • The power of dividend stocks to maximize portfolio growth
  • How to use free powerful online tools to help you to become a better investor
  • How to incorporate memorable Warren Buffett quotes to your stock trading information base
  • 100 wonderful companies that a young Buffett or Munger might buy in this technology-driven age if they invested as they do today

Join the author as he applies Buffett’s 60 years of incredible stock market expertise in a fascinating (and potentially extremely profitable) experiment, where 100 of today’s best companies and technology stocks are examined for profit growth and stock portfolio inclusion.

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The title caught my eye when I was asked to review this book. I read any genre, and I really liked the title, and was honored to read it. It is not a simple read, but it's very interesting. I learned a lot about Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, and their investment styles. There was a lot of information, and it probably would benefit those who are looking to invest or change their investment portfolio. Pattersenn certainly has done his homework, and this is a very professional book. There was a lot of information, and it is aimed at those who are familiar with investments, finances and stocks, or gaining wealth. I've read Pattersenn's Pattersenn work before, and each one has a lot of information, and is up to the reader whether or not to take some or all of Pattersenn's advice.

- keyla_mendoza

I enjoyed reading this book, though most of it I knew already from reading other investment books, this book cut the fat and left the lean usable stuff that saves you from saying, “get to the point.” Thank you sir!!

- bruce_walker

In this rather long book, the author first gives some background on both Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, his right-hand man, before giving a brief analysis of their investing style. The author then goes on to provide just a little bit of advice about how to manage your portfolio and other stock advice. But the bulk of the book by a large margin is the hundred stocks mentioned in the title. The author does give his choosing criteria based on his analysis of Buffett and Munger’s investing style. This is definitely not a book that you sit and just read straight through. You can do that with the first part, the more theoretical part, but the section on each of the specific stocks themselves should only be taken in small doses. The author made me curious enough that I think it would be interesting to follow these companies to see if he is correct in his assessments. All in all, I found it to be an interesting glimpse into two men who have amassed such wealth, as well as into the mind of the author—whom I’ve read before. I find books were people make analyses like these to be fascinating.

I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.

- yadiel_howard

"100 Stocks that a young Warren Buffett might buy if he Invested like he does today "is a noteworthy book by James Pattersenn Jr. I also enjoyed reading the previous book that Pattersenn Jr. wrote which is "You can Invest like a Stock Market Pro." Still, the book 100 stocks give a short background of Warren Buffett and Munger’s association and discusses "100 stocks that a young Warren Buffett might buy if he invested like he does today." However, I recommend reading 100 Stocks because it gives ideas into stocks you could invest in. I will really invest into a few stocks that Mr. Pattersenn Jr. highlights in his book, especially in today’s market. One thing that I have to say about 100 stocks is I think that it could have been a little longer than it was. I was also wondering if there would be an interview with Warren Buffett with him highlighting some of the stocks that he would invest in if he were younger in the book but there wasn’t any, so Pattersenn Jr. was somehow making a conjecture of how Buffett would approach today’s stock.
I give this book four stars and I look forward to see the next book that James Pattersenn Jr. will write.

- madison_taylor

The picture of Mr. Buffet on the cover got my attention. The content of the book was mediocre at best. It was well written and formatted. The history of Mr. Buffet and Mr. Unger was nothing new to me, though I'm sure it would be to novice investors. Numbers are always impressive and I agree with them, except if you want to be rich, simple be cheap and squirrel away as much money as you can from a young age, investing it as wisely as you can just as Mr. Buffet has. Time is the key, as is not letting your losses get away from you. It's all very complicated, risky, and if you simply buy a mutual fund that tracks the S & P 500, putting set amounts into it every month, over a lifetime you'll have an incredible amount of money by the time you retire. Don't touch it, up or down, until you retire. Then buy real estate, too. But that's another story.

- aria_martin

This book is a good primer for beginning and part-time investors, not to be confused with day traders. The book’s first sections offer rock-solid advice and an education on stock valuation and selection as done by investing superstars Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. The author then uses the Buffet/Munger models to list specific companies meeting investment criteria. Patterssen warns his list is not to be considered investment advice, and I agree, as the numbers and analysis change over time. Nonetheless, this book, if accepted as education and generic advice, is a winner that I enjoyed from start to finish, even the specific stock analyses.

- rhett_richardson

This book is a good beginner guide to investing. He tells you how to do long term investing rather then short term. It doesn't show trends or patterns.

If you're looking for a book for dividends stocks and be able to analyze the entire company. This is a great book to get started. If you're looking for short-term and looking for patterns.

This isn't the book for you. Learning to diversify your strategy with short-term and long term is a must.

If you know nothing about stock investing. This is by far the best book to start with..

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- gatlin_cruz

For a novice, I found this book very informative as to what to look for in a stock. It tells you specifically what criteria to look for as far as the different ratios are concerned (e.g. Price/Earnings Ratio, Debt/Equity Ratio, etc.). The book also tells the reader what red flags to look for in a company before investing in it. Interesting history given on Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger to try and give the reader an idea of Buffet's and Munger's thought processes as far as investing is concerned.

- alexis_baker

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