2017 President Donald Trump Inaugural Silver EAGLE Commemorative Novelty Coin 38mm. 45th President of the United States of America CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

2017 President Donald Trump Inaugural Silver EAGLE Commemorative Novelty Coin 38mm. 45th President of the United States of America CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

Posted by jack_miller | Published a year ago

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Came as described except for the certificate of authenticity card that was shown on the item description page. After seeing the shipping package that it came from China, I'm not surprised. Would have liked for this to have been made in the U.S. As an immigrant who came here legally, waited, took the test, and took an oath to abide by the laws of this union and to protect this union from all threats foreign and domestic, I am appalled by the left leaning media that represents anyone who is not a liberal as being white supremacists. There are law abiding citizens who believe in the rule of law and the vote and who believe that the extreme right are kept in check by the laws and the Constitution, but the extreme left is given maintream voice in the media to advocate the breaking of U.S. laws. Every decade, I see the center moderate voices overdrowned not by the extreme right who are kept in check, but by the extreme left, and the middle class dwindling.

- thalia_chavez

perfect...bought for a friend turning 87 on moday also bought talking trump birthday card...dislikes trump so even better she will be mad at me but life is too short not to get the last laugh..always stirring the pot.....

- dean_mendoza

Arrived in a ziploc, no certificate, no nothing. Returning for this reason only.

- gustavo_cruz

This one along with the others I have purchased, are just what they are supposed to be. A novelty item. I read in one comment that they were disappointed with the coin after they got it "to find out it was not real silver" It is not advertised as a silver coin, but rather silver plated. I am an avid coin collector of silver coins. Anyone who thought they could get a silver coin for $10 bucks, doesn't know silver. The only reason I gave it a 4 star, was that I was a little disappointed that the coins had smudges and it almost looked as though maybe plastic or some other material, had rubbed up against the coin and left a spotty residue. At the end of the day, I am happy with the coins so far. They will be a great conversation piece in a few years.

- stephen_peterson

Received the coins and I was a little disappointed. They were shipped from Hong Kong. Didn't know these were made somewhere other than the USA. I guess I'd rather support the POTUS with American made products. Not that they were poorly made or there is a problem with them, just disappointed that an American President commemorative coin was manufactured in China.

Now you know and you can make a better decisions on your purchase.

- david_thompson

Makes it that much better! I am a Trump supporter and my friend is too, this coin was a perfect gift for him. Can support him and still laugh at his double chin on a coin.

- reginald_torres

I wanted this to be awesome but the quality is not good and the case was cracked when it arrived.

- levi_torres

It is halarious

- hana_kim

There is no certificate of authenticity.

- nasir_hernandez

This thing is magnetic and has very little silver content. Shame on you Peter Thoss

- emma_smith

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