5 Pack: Men’s Dry-Fit Moisture Wicking Active Athletic Performance Crew T-Shirt

5 Pack: Men’s Dry-Fit Moisture Wicking Active Athletic Performance Crew T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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these are junk. i bought them for gym but not even good enough to work in the yard. did not make it through the 1st wash without unraveling. not even good enough for rags because they are not cotton. do NOT waste your money.

- miracle_peterson

Pictured are two XL shirts from the same pack of 5, the only difference being the color. As you can see the blue one is dramatically smaller. If you can see in the picture, both are actually labeled as XL. This is after one wear each, no washing ever, only 2 days or so after I received them. So just be aware you might receive a similar faulty batch.

- kaitlyn_hall

You definitely get what you pay for with these. I wanted to like these very badly because of the material and how comfortable they are. I bought 2 packs, the solid colors and the other various non-solid color ones. First impression was WOW these feel great. Then I tried on another and was like, hmmm this one has a tight collar and I find myself trying to pull it down. Some of the arm holes were even different sizes. Some collars were "bacony" already and I could tell that after a few washes this would become very problematic, especially if you are constantly pulling down to relieve a tight collar. I had to be careful when taking off or putting on hangers and while taking the shirts off because it felt like I would stretch the collar permanently or rip a seam when taking it off. One of the shirts was DRASTICALLY too small. I bought a size large and it fit like a medium. Overall, 1/10th of them were too small. Around 4/10 of them felt like they had too tight a collar. The shoulder stitches are off and don't fit snug around the shoulders. All of them had shoulder seams that stuck up and bothered me (and I have built shoulders/traps). One of them even had what appeared to be dirt on them.

Final decision was made after trying on all shirts multiple times and determining that after a few washes these would be useless. For 6 bucks each I did not feel that they would even be worth the few wears you would get before having to toss them. Made in Egypt. Save your time and money and try something else.

- leonidas_long

Extremely disappointed in this product. I bought these thinking they would be a good summer work shirt for my job (Construction). I've had dry-fit shirts before and they have worked great in the past so when I saw this product with the "#1 best seller" tag on amazon, I decided to purchase.

When first opening the package I experienced a chemically smell. Looking passed that, chaulking it up as a "new shirt smell", I tried one of the shirts on. I originally purchased an XL because I like a more loose fit, but these are very tight. Not much stretch in the fabric. The neck is extremely tight and uncomfortable. The fabric is somewhat itchy and seems to cause you to sweat more just by putting it on. Checking the fabric by pulling the shirt down I discovered the front half of the shirt seems to be a different fabric than the back half seeing that the front half is more stretchy than the back half...

Taking the shirt off led me to inspect the stitching on the inside of the shirt. Lots of extra thread and misstitches. Not to mention how tight the neck is, I could barely get my head and beard through.

All and all, i would not recommend these shirts to anyone, especially someone that is relatively fit and bearded. Will most likely end up giving these to the girlfriend to sleep in.

- baylor_evans

Purchased XL, in case these shirts run small, I normally fit in Large, but could barely fit my head into this shirt. Picture included comparing a normal Large shirt with this Men’s XL undershirt. Shoulders are about 5” smaller than my Large shirt.

- royal_davis

At first we were sent wrong size in one of the five shirts but I thought not too big of a deal was just a little big. But then only after a week wearing the shirts they are now tearing apart at the inseams. Armpit and sides on all shirts are tearing apart. This is not good quality at all. Never had this happen before and have purchased long sleeves in this material for my husband here at Amazon but not this brand or company here. Not worth the $30 we paid. I can’t send back used items that are falling apart due to poor workmanship and quality. and it will only let me put in defected item but then I have to return it says. That’s rediculous, can’t they see with the fotos the poor quality for just a week after being worn. I’m not wasting time on sending these back. Why would they want worn shirts back that were clearly made with poor quality and defects. This is my first complaint ever with amazon and I have purchased many items over the years. So you know it is bad.

- kareem_smith

These shrunk up at least one size after washing... purchased 2 sets, very upset, never got to wear them

- nehemiah_bailey

really nice cotton, only disappointment is that I ordered xl thinking they would shrink,they do not shrink, but keeping cuz they are comfy

- frank_reed

Great quality shirts and good for using at the gym. They dry relatively fast and are stretchable. They fit nicely and not too tight. They are quite comfortable too and I love all the different colours. Great money value too. I recommend them!

- isaiah_campbell

i normally wear a size L but other reviews said by up a size, so i bought one set XL and then one set XXL, both sets came with mixed sizes even though they are marketed as XL set and XXL set of shirts, all shirts are dimensions of L, and are infact, too small, buy like 3 sizes up if you want a shirt that fits.

- rivka_hernandez

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