5 Pack: Youth Dry-Fit Moisture Wicking Active Athletic Performance Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Boys & Girls

5 Pack: Youth Dry-Fit Moisture Wicking Active Athletic Performance Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Boys & Girls

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I thought I was going crazy every time I put one of these shirts on my kid. One time, it's waaay too big. Next time, they fit kinda nice. Then one fit perfectly... My son is 4, and is wearing 5t shirts, so I bought small. While I knew they'd probably run a little big, none of the shirts in this pack are the same size! Even though the tags all say 6/7... Took a pic of three shirts from the same pack, lined up by the collar. You can see how different they are in size!

- rene_carter

The shirts were received weren't quite as pictured. We got the color block style with a bit of light and darker heather texture. These actually have lots of thin black stripes, even on the color blocks which appear solid in the pictures. Son also complains they "make his back hot," especially when the sun shines on the shirt. Overall they're ok, and we will keep them because my son likes them. Son is 6 years old, 46# and short.

- ellie_baker

So I purchased three sets of these. Two sets were size large (12/14) it claims on the tag and the medium is 10/12....
My 8 year old is 5ft tall and is thin like a rail, and he has old navy active t shirts at size 10/12 that fit him great and these, I read to order a size up since they run small, and they REALLY run SMALL! The two sets of 12/14 are smaller than my sons 10/12 old navy active shirt. Made of the same kind of material and all. I compared them last night and it’s a full inch shorter in the torso than my sons old navy shirt. But claims to be larger? There is something wrong there.

I won’t buy from them again. I tried to contact them and all they did was ignore the problem and confirm the sizes I bought.

My 7 year old can wear the size large and he’s a thin kid! Very slim and active. So maybe these are foreign sizes or something but what they sent me is crap. Only good thing is that my 7 year old got some new shirts that fit him perfectly right now... and my 5 year old wears the size medium. He’s only 50 lbs...

So hopefully this helps you with your purchase. But these are cheap and I’ve learnt my lesson. They’re absolutely cheap and run very small! The sellers don’t care either.

- landry_alvarez

Kid reports that the shirts are comfortable enough once they’re on, but the fabric is stiffer than expected and they’re a little hard to get on and off. The sizing is way off though - 1 of the 5 shirts in the pack was WAY smaller than the other, and even the larger ones run very small.

- vincent_davis

Excellent material, very good quality but fits a little small. My son normally is a 16 but these were tight on him

- eric_nelson

Oh these are the softest leggings I have ever gotten. They are so smooth. You can wear them all day and be very comfortable. I recently used them when I was flying and they were perfect. I was not uncomfortable at any point of the flight. The worst part was I was delayed by over 8 hours, but like I said before, comfortable the whole time. I will be looking to get more leggings like these soon. You can use them for at night or anywhere you want. My husband loves it as well. So that is an extra plus.

- timothy_murphy

Decent shirt. Runs about a size smaller. Material a little thinner than expected but for the price it’s worth it.

- elliott_reyes

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