5K1-States Evidence

5K1-States Evidence

Posted by leeshkay | Published a year ago

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This movie had all of the ingredients to entertain, captivate and enthrall. The realism in the characters, the great directing and the outstanding acting made this easily become one of my favorite movies. This movie and the cast should be award winning!

- bodie_martin

Who mixed the audio?? All of the dialogue is panned to the left and the background noise on the right. Cant even watch because the sound throws you off.

- john_clark

This movie PHONY, LAME, WACK so watch it

- alexander_gonzales

Love the story line , kept me in tune

- calvin_hall

This was a dope movie!! Classic!!!

- kaleb_wood

good ass movie

- sawyer_patel

Yuck Mouth played my favorite character šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ that laugh is hilarious. Iā€™d watch again!

- rory_ward

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