7 Secrets to Investing Like Warren Buffett

7 Secrets to Investing Like Warren Buffett

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By: Mary Buffett, Sean Seah, et al.

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A clear, simple, and complete guide for beginning investors from best-selling author Mary Buffett and Sean Seah that explains Warren Buffett’s techniques of value investing and his proven strategies to ensure long-term success.

For 12 years, Mary Buffett was part of the Buffett inner circle. During that time, she studied Warren’s investment strategies and techniques and observed his habits. Now, in 7 Secrets to Investing Like Warren Buffett, Mary and Sean Seah provide a complete guide for beginning investors who want to understand how to invest like Warren Buffett.

Mary and Sean walk listeners through the process of assessing and buying stocks step-by-step. Their friendly and direct style and concrete examples make it easy to understand how to avoid common pitfalls and prosper in the stock market. The first section of the audiobook discusses habits to adopt to begin a lifelong journey of wealth building. The second section examines specific stock-picking techniques inspired by Buffett’s teacher, Benjamin Graham, and that are vastly different from the common Wall Street wisdom of trying to time the market. The authors look at timeless principles as well as latest ideas on where to find great investment ideas, and they share the specific financial indicators they look for in a good investment. Finally, Mary and Sean explain how to build and track a portfolio of stocks.

From learning how to read financial statements to preparing both personal and professional balance sheets, 7 Secrets to Investing Like Warren Buffett is a must-have companion for every investor. Simple questionnaires, charts, and graphs help illustrate specific strategies. The authors’ personal stories provide a clear explanation of the theory behind value investing, as well as advice for developing the necessary "soft skills" - habits, mindset, loving what you do, taking care of your mind and body - that have made Warren Buffett and many others so successful.

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Nice read! Lots of good information and it's great to see that the formulas are included that help me visualize how to figure out what math everyone is talking about while they are referring to a ratio, percentage or figure. I really started enjoying the book when I reached the section on Secret 5 until the end of the book. Easy read and can be read quickly in a day. Take your time reading so you can practice the examples that are provided along with the going through the formulas to help you understand everything in better detail.

- declan_thomas

I have purchased all the books written by Mary Buffett and David Clark and I have found them to be very helpful. Unfortunately, this book does not add much to what has already been published by the author, Mary Buffett.

- mariana_ross

Instructivo recomendado

- olive_parker

this was a great read. i can’t wait to apply it to my everyday habits to success

- zion_ramirez

An insightful and practical book with straightforward guidance and tools.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.

- kaison_cox

Do you want to know how to invest like Warren Buffett? Or do you want to learn how to invest? Then buy and read this book. Great information on how to be a really good investor.

- jordy_lee

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