A Curious Boy Named Jeff: Based on Jeff Bezos's Life (Little Kids' Big Lessons Book 1)

A Curious Boy Named Jeff: Based on Jeff Bezos's Life (Little Kids' Big Lessons Book 1)

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By: Kay B and Adriana Acosta

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Jeff is a very successful person. He runs his own company called Amazon. Amazon helps people buy and sell anything using the computer and internet. So, how did Jeff become successful? What is one value that has helped him? BEING CURIOUS! Jeff likes to read, ask questions and observe the world around him. He discovers new things every day and every day he works to help makes peoples’ lives easier.

We always teach children about remarkable people of the past. But what about those in the present? What can children learn from them? Little Kids’ Big Lessons series focuses on successful, inspirational people of today, and highlights a key value that has helped each one of them achieve their success. The first book of the series is about Jeffrey P. Bezos, founder of Amazon.
Absolutely adorable book with valuable lessons for children as they grow in life such as being curious, ask questions, paying attention to things, spending time with family and helping others. Easy to understand sentences for kids of wide age range. The illustrations are beautiful, with vibrant colors. My 6 year old loved it very much and kept on reading it many nights. I liked the idea of introducing current time visionaries to young kids in simple and interesting way. I am looking forward for more in this series from the Writer.

- malaysia_howard

I enjoyed reading this book to my 4 year old grandson who equally enjoyed listening with curiosity. It is very appropriate for younger kids as it is simple read with valuable lessons. It is important to instill certain values at a tender age as kids at that age absorb like a sponge. I admire the writer for taking on a great challenge to write about one of the most successful entrepreneur and highlight the traits he possess to reach where he is now.

- ellis_lopez

I received this at no cost to me, but the review is my own. Good book, good illustrations, good encouragement to be curious and seek to grown and learn

- angel_peterson

Both of my daughters loved reading this book. It's easy for them to read and understand the concept of this book.

- liana_ross

Good book for kids with nice illustrations.
Keep up the good work.

- micah_brooks

I love that this story is based on a modern day success/role model. All kids these days know Amazon so would probably be very interested in learning about Jeff Bezos. This adorable book is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written with short, easy to read and understand sentences that will capture and hold a young child’s attention. Parents and teachers will appreciate this story because it encourages kids to be curious and observant, to spend time with family and to always read and learn new things! This story promotes important life lessons that our little ones need to be exposed to at a young age. Kudos to the author!

- odin_ortiz

Wisdom is knowing what to do and understanding is knowing why you did it. This book starts off with a boy name Jeff asking questions—that is wisdom, knowing what to do. The understanding of why he asks questions unfolds as you continue reading the book. Basically the asking of questions/ the curious mind leads you to learning more, doing more, and creating more. Great book.

- emma_smith

My daughter loves when I read this book to her. She loves the illustrations and follows the story well.

- adrianna_kelly

Opening a child's mind and making him think more,broadening his vision early by letting him know about successful people of the present. All of this beautifully illustrated and presented in this book.
A must buy for all those with kids who are curious to know and explore just about everything.

- juelz_ramos

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