A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Single Version)

A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Single Version)

Posted by leeshkay | Published a year ago

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By: Louis Armstrong

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This is a classic. My wonderful husband gave me a singing card on my 38th anniversary that played this when opened. Needless to say, it has been a favorite since that time. I always loved the song, but it now has special sentimental value. Louis was a wonderfully talented entertainer who left us with great musisc.

- avianna_kim

This song is the second most romantic song in my life, with only John legends "all of me" being better.

- anthony_young

i could listen to this everyday and never get tired of it. it's so sweet and heartfelt, and louie armstrong was such a wonderful person.

- billy_wright

Great song and convenient digital download. I used it to burn onto a disc as a gift for my husband.

- harper_hernandez

Worth the money to bring back some old memories!

- khaleesi_robinson

My favorite of all time is What a Wonderful World, but I enjoy almost anything by Louis Armstrong. Such a distinctive voice. Very classy.

- sutton_johnson

My favorite Louis Armstrong song.

- noe_stewart

Si happy to find it because the Louis Armstrong song was in our wedding video from 13 years ago. Every time I hear it brings a smile to my face.

- belle_davis

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