A Little Bit Country

A Little Bit Country

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By: Debbie Macomber

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Come back to country living in this classic romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber

When a city woman meets a country man…

Rorie Campbell has a pleasant, predictable life in San Francisco, where she’s seeing a pleasant, predictable man. Then, while she’s on vacation, her car breaks down on an Oregon country road, and horse rancher Clay Franklin comes to her rescue. Rorie soon discovers that a city girl can fall in love with a country man. And the other way around… But Clay has no right to return her feelings because he’s engaged to another woman! Is he willing to change that situation for Rorie—and himself?

Originally published in 1990

This book is erroneously billed as book 8 of the Hopes Crossing series. It was a waste of money because it includes 2 stories--one of which is book #1, which I already bought. I bought this entire series for my elderly mother and she was very disappointed in the "so-called" part 8. Not good.

- april_evans

I am so disappointed in this book. It is also being sold as the 8th book in a series by RaeAnneThayne. Well, it turns out that the RaeAnne Thayne part of this, Blackberry Summer is actually the 1st book of the series. Very misleading I know I should have read the description but I purchased the first several books in the Hope's Crossing series and really enjoyed them and decided to buy the final ones to complete what was advertised as an 8 book series. I finished the first 7 wonderful books and was so looking forward to the 8th just to find it was also the first in the series. I really do feel cheated.

- jonah_diaz

Disappointed. I also purchased this book as book 8 in the Hopes crossing series. I was very confused as I started reading because it starts out as a Debbie Macomber book. I actually stumbled on to Raeann Thayne book looking for a new Debbie Macomber book. They have a similar writing style and I have enjoyed reading both authors, however I bought this book to finish the Hopes Crossing series and found it to actually be more of an intro to two different books that I have already read. I don't know why it is advertised as book 8 when it is really book 1. I would have purchased a book from Haven Point or one of her other series instead of one I already read.

- sergio_turner

It was hard for me to believe that two people could fall in love after knowing one another for only a few hours--particularly when their backgrounds were so different. This was in the first few pages. I spent the rest of the book just pondering the unlikeliness of the entire situation. Not one of Debbie Macomber's better books.

- arabella_cruz

Debbie Macomber did it again. I happened upon this author quite by accident, and I am happy I did. So far, I have not been disappointed from the Cedar Cove Series, through my journey down Blossom Street, and different places in between. She consistently keeps me wanting to know more about the people and places in her books. I have spent many nights saying: "One more chapter", before I go to bed. Then it becomes later and later. I was always a murder mystery type reader, and found myself shocked to like these books. But I am hooked, they are all so wonderfully written, good stories, every day characters, these people could be you or me, and I like that. They are love stories yes, but also stories of friendships, hardships and overcoming our fears. This one book encompassed all of that. Falling in love, but denying that love for a belief in what was the right thing to do. A Little Bit Country was a good story of how a city girl could definitely find love and happiness in the country, but also find solid friendships as well. Another good read from Debbie Macomber.

- maxine_kelly

Part 1 of Debbie Macomber book Country series. Two stubborn people not wanting their pride hurt so instead they unwittingly hurt each other. Both were wonderful. They are charming and threaded with truth and romance. The troubles of early love and the joys of finally just giving in to the feelings and not fighting them. You will want to read the follow up Country Bride!

- kevin_smith

i can never get enough of her books! Her stories pull you right in. my only problem with her is she cant write them fast enough. lol

- travis_jimenez

I have read a lot of Debbie Macomber’s books, and I have enjoyed each one of them. A Little Bit Country keeps you turning the pages like they all do, and I always hate to see the last page because I want to keep enjoying her.

- maia_gray

Bought for my mother-in-laws Kindle. She loves it.

- davina_rogers

Very good reading

- robert_cook

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