A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway

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One of the top 5 movies I have ever seen. No one I know has ever heard of it, except for me. Everyone I recommended to watch it, thought the movie was surprisingly "outstanding" and says "how could such a phenomenal movie be so unknown." It's suspense, but does not keep you on the edge of your seat. The scenery of Hawaii is beautiful; the hiking/camping adventures keep you interested; distracts from the killer on the loose. Not a slasher film It is difficult to find this video. Glad I did!

- noemi_evans

I kept watching it and it was good. Not one you can leave the room for a minute and pick it back up.
What I didn't like was the lame trick it played on the viewer. A good film is one you can figure it out if
your mind is sharp and at the end think oh I should have gotten that clue. This one throws out a fake bone
by making the guilty couple talk in private a discussion saying they think the other couple is a killer. Now the killers
would not be saying that. I still figured it out but only because I had confidence the writer would be just
that lame.

- leanna_adams

A terrific thriller in the Hitchcock mode. A honeymooning couple finds themselves on the Big Island of Hawaii, and receive news of a serial killer who has recently killed a honeymooning couple on Oahu. Despite the news, they head out on a remote hike to a remote beach location and encounter two couples along the way... both of which meet the description of the killers.

A taught thriller with a wonderful twist, this has it all: lush, tropical locations, tension, fear, and danger. Timothy Olyphant (of Deadwood and Justified) shines in his role.

A great film for fans of Hitchcock.

- london_gomez

This movie is great. I don't know why this wasn't a huge hit when it came out. I really don't. You WILL have to watch it twice so just plan for that. Ive never watched a movie like this before where i literally had to go back and rewatch and it was like a completely different movie the second time through. Timothy Olyphant is fantastic to look at so if nothing else watch it for that.

- kendrick_garcia

For as good as this movie is, I'm always surprised i don't meet more people who have seen it.

Anyone who has vacationed somewhere they felt a little out of their comfort zone will totally get into this movie.

One of my all time favorite suspense movies after 2000, and a great “what would I do differently?” Movie.

Pro tip: this movie has an alternate ending in the blu-ray menu that will NEVER LET YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AGAIN. You must watch it.


- barbara_davis

It was much better than I expected but it’s a suspense mystery at best and there’s not a single scene that I would call horror. Timothy Olyphant has some fun with his role and that adds some humor to the plot because you’re not quite sure if his stories are real or if he’s the killer. The scenery does help a lot and it held our interest and that’s about all that I expect in a movie anymore but it’s not one that I would want to own or see again… it was just entertaining and though I’m not a Steve Zahn fan he wasn’t too bad in this one but without Olyphant there really wouldn’t have been much of a movie based solely on the supporting cast.

- anderson_patel

A thoroughly enjoyable film. Like so many other reviewers here, I found this DVD by following what seems by now to be a very well-trodden line of breadcrumbs from Timothy Olyphant's other work, notably Deadwood. I'm not certain I would like every single scrap of film he has made (as yet I've avoided the science fiction), but from what I have seen so far I am beginning to suspect that Olyphant never turns in a bad performance. (For example, although I'm a female with zero interest in video games, I loved Hitman.) In this case Kiele Sanchez helps matters out with her usual contagious smile and warm charm, while Steve Zahn is marvelous in a role slightly different from his normal ones. Puerto Rico, disguised as Hawaii, is charming as well, making the whole ride gorgeous to behold. Knowing in advance that there was a "twist," I did guess it soon in - mostly because it was so logical - but I didn't feel much conviction because I wasn't certain that such a dramatic turnaround could work. In the end, however, I thought it worked just fine. I must confess, though, that my husband, sitting beside me, was gnashing his teeth with frustration soon into the movie, protesting that the plot made no sense whatever. My own suspicion is that this difference is less about believability than the fact that I have much more tolerance for slicing and dicing in movies than he does (he's fine with guns). I mean, his favorite film is Vertigo. That it's a masterpiece we both agree, but is it really all that "plausible"? On the other hand, when knives come out he and I normally agree that I'll tell him when it's safe to open his eyes again. So perhaps I should add a warning that people who greatly dislike seeing knives come out and "blood" spill in movies should think twice here. Otherwise, though, just have a good time!

- marco_torres

A Perfect Getaway is a non stop thrill ride! There's a shocking twist towards the middle of the film that I didn't see coming, including black and white flashback scenes which will tie up all the loose ends. Steve Zahn and Timothy Olyphant are creepy and so hilarious in this film but the biggest surprise was Milla Jovovich's peformance. Jovovoich was one of the those pretty actress' that I didn't think had much range or power, she proves me wrong in this film and she has ever since including the indie film, "Dirty Girl". She has so much emotion in her eyes, you will be taken by her in this film, trust me! A Perfect Getaway also has an unrated director's cut version, which adds greatly to the story and gives more background about all 4 characters. I highly recommend it, enjoy!

- maxwell_allen

A Perfect Getaway is a nice little thriller. Nothing new, nothing fantastic but utterly watchable. What makes this better than your average low budget thriller is the amount of character development. There's a lot of it so that we can decipher who are the criminals, but of course there is a twist during the third act when it shifts to typical killer thriller...which is where the thrills are actually conceived. Acting was good, Steve Zahn was mediocre but the hero, the legend and the severely underrated Timothy Olyphant saves the film. The location was picturesque, definitely makes me want to go to Hawaii (minus the murdering of course). I think the film has too much character development and dialogue for the first two acts, then for it to shift to thriller straight away was quite disconnected. The dialogue was also self referential, talking about movie twists etc. and to me was a bit out of place. But like I said, nothing fantastic or great but a rather overlooked watchable film.

- tiffany_richardson

The item came really fast, in perfect condition.Everything is as described. The story is great - real classic adventure thriller,picture quality is perfect.There's 2 versions of the film on the disc.100 % entertainment.The price is cheap, but that's hard-to-find title so, don't hesitate - BUY IT NOW!

- evalyn_phillips

Many people slate Milla Jovovich off the back of her Resident Evil films, but, if you can look past her kicking zombies' heads in, she proves here that she can turn in a decent performance.

`A Perfect Getaway' is one of those thrillers that is best that you don't know too much about before you watch it. If basically follows a young couple on honeymoon in Hawaii, as they try to work out if they're being stalked by a pair of killers. There's little more to the plot than that, so it's not like the film covers any new ground story-wise. But that doesn't mean it's not worth a watch.

There are enough twists and turns to keep most thriller-fans happy and the fact that the film has employed the talents of a crop of decent actors (and yes, I'm including Milla in that statement) means that this is definitely head and shoulders above most other thrillers out there.

Give it a go.

- hunter_evans

I was actually looking for another Blu-ray and this was one of Amazon's "suggestions" for similar movies to watch. I'd never heard of it but what a little gem it is...we thoroughly enjoyed it. I won't give anything away, but if you like mystery and suspense, definitely give this one a go. This is what makes looking for films on Amazon such fun, you never quite know what you may find along the way.

- madeline_jimenez

I had never heard of this movie doing the cinema circuit, and only recognised a couple of the actors but bought this used copy simply based on the reviews here.

My husband and I thought it was really entertaining, kept us interested with no boring bits to go a make a coffee too. It kept us guessing till the end too. Would recommend for a night when tv is really not good.

- miya_long

Good thriller, kinda gross gory at the end (hand attack 😐), but suspenseful enough throughout even if somewhat predictable.

- jason_alvarez

Really enjoyed the film, had actually seen it before, but still a great watch..

- haylee_ramos

Excellent seller, fab and quick delivery, 5 stars well deserved

- jolene_parker

A PERFECT GETAWAY is brilliant. It has a great twist like others have said. I was shocked! I never saw it coming! The acting was amazing, especially from Milla Jovovich. The storyline was tense, clever, exciting and surprising. I highly recommend this thriller/horror! BRILLIANT! 10/10!

- everett_brown

Such a twisted and secretive plot, it'll keep you on your toes all the way through. Definitely worth the buy, don't read too many detailed reviews of the plot though, otherwise it really isn't worth it.

- finnegan_martinez

You think you know who the killers are?
There's good twists to this film

- saylor_robinson

Just as expected. Quality product at a good price and fast delivery.

- kassandra_ross

interesting outdoor movie with nice twists

- carly_diaz

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