A Royal Affair: An Anthology (The Royals of Cordina)

A Royal Affair: An Anthology (The Royals of Cordina)

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By: Nora Roberts

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#1 New York Times bestselling author NORA ROBERTS brings you the first two unforgettable stories in the fan-favorite Royals of Cordina series


Princess Gabriella has escaped captivity, but she’s lost her memory and her kidnappers are still at large. She needs a bodyguard, and brash American Reeve MacGee is the perfect man for the job. The handsome ex-cop can handle anything—except falling for the stunning, vulnerable woman in his care…


Years ago, Eve Hamilton had a fleeting schoolgirl crush on the powerful, reserved and compelling Prince Alexander—but he’d clearly disapproved of her. Now that she is finally reunited with Alex, he is fascinated by the beautiful, independent woman Eve has become. Suddenly, he wants to show her that he is everything she could ever want…
There are some surprises. I was in Colorado when I bought the book. This is the beginning of a trilogy. I was almost done when in a restaurant I put the book where it would be safe as I dealt with personal issues. No such luck. It fell in. I was so interested in the story, I bought another copy! The

The second book proved to be just as interesting. There are many surprises and twists. I adored the king and his integrity and care for his people.

- logan_jones

Good book! Two stories. I bought it because I had been gifted the 2nd book (2 more stories). Glad I read it in order

- rylee_brown

I enjoyed reading this Nora Roberts novel as much as I have enjoyed others written by her.

- muhammad_rogers

I absolutely love Nora Robert's and she delivered yet another 2 awesome stories!!!

- adelina_jones

nice stories about the duties of being a royal and the trials of falling in love when your a royal whose family is being threatened. If your not a Roberts fan don't buy it, if you are I recommend it. A fun frivolous read.

- ridge_wright

Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors. Love all of her books.

- justin_sanchez

All of the series of stories were most enjoyable. However, when I ordered the last one, it wasn't available on kindle. I had read all others on my kindle. I was very disappointed not to get this one. You sent the paperback but I cannot read it.

- nicholas_ortiz

I enjoyed the series

- richard_howard

I have just read the first story in this book which centres around Gabriella who has lost her memory due to a traumatic event. It is a good book, which you would expect from Nora. As always the love interest is not regarded as such until such a time. Good in general nice to put someone she knows as the baddies, but I thought alittle obvious though the reasoning for one not guessed at.
Will add to review once read second story centred on Alex......

- averie_patel

Once you have read one book featuring a couple of members of the Cordina royal family you are hooked and need to read the whole series to find out what happens to them all. There is even a follow up book telling the story of the children that were produced by the original royal partners. Sheer fantasy

- kassandra_ross

Usual good story line mixed with (although predictable) romantic theme

- valentina_sanders

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