Adolf 5: 1945 and All That Remains

Adolf 5: 1945 and All That Remains

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By: Osamu Tezuka

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Hardcover book.
I have collected this entire series and it is still my favorite from when I was a very young girl and my older sister had given me the first two volumes as a gift. Tezuka has written another great story with the tales of the Three Adolfs and their unique relationships. Part noir, part war drama, part political dissection and all human experience--this is a tale I have read again and again and always found something new to make me laugh, cry and hope for a better outcome. I recommend the Adolf books to anyone with an interest in WWII and what Nazism drove people to do. It's never preachy and you always hope that humanity can learn from its past crimes {hate, indifference and fascism} and create a better world starting today.

- henrik_smith

Mere words cannot describe this tragic tale of three men named "Adolf".
The late Osamu Tezuka is brilliant. The artwork is phenomenal. The manga style and the expressions of the characters is unique.
The series is about how World War II effected EVERYONE- from the leaders to ordinary citizens who just want to live. The five books tackle racism, hatred, nationalism, love, family, and duty.
This last book of the series is a culmination of a great work with pop culture historical significance.
This series is similiar to Art Spiegelman's MAUS, but with a different twist. First of all, the art is manga-style (which I personally like better). Also, there are more characters in ADOLF. ADOLF is a tale from the Japanese perspective, while MAUS is a "survivor's tale". But I degress, it was not my intention to compare the two works. If you liked MAUS, you will like ADOLF.
The final installment is very emotional. A fitting end to such a thought provoking and heart-renching series.

- brody_phillips

One of Osamu Tezuka's best stories. Little humor keeps this story open to every. A must read so check this one out.

- jackson_martin

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