All By Myself, Alone: A Novel

All By Myself, Alone: A Novel

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By: Mary Higgins Clark

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From the Queen of Suspense and #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a thrilling mystery aboard a luxurious but deadly cruise.

Fleeing the disastrous and humiliating last-minute arrest of her fiancé on the eve of their wedding, Celia, an expert on gems and jewelry, is hoping to escape from reality on a glamorous cruise ship.

But it is not to be. On board in the most luxurious suite is the elderly and world-famous Lady Emily Harworth. Immensely wealthy, Lady Em is the owner of a priceless emerald necklace that she intends to leave to the Smithsonian on her death.

Three days later Lady Em is found dead—and the necklace is missing. Is it the work of her apparently devoted secretary, or her lawyer-executor, both of whom she had invited on board for the cruise?

Celia, with the help of her new friends Willy and Alvirah Meehan—who are splurging on their wedding anniversary—sets out to find who the killer is, not realizing that she may have put a target on her back.
MHC's mysteries have all been wonderful! This one disappoints, on reading it I have the feeling someone else wrote it, maybe her daughter. It didn't have the Clark touch, too simplistic, too trite, not her style of writing Dialogue was stilted, not the real way people talk. While Clark writes about wealthy people in other novels this one was over the top with descriptions of the ship, the people aboard. If this were her first attempt I would congratulate her on her novel and look forward to the next but after so many great, interesting, involved novels this appeared to me as a quickly written, formulaic book. Or, as I said someone else wrote it. I ordered it for my kindle but will go to the library for her next one to save money.

- cristian_ross

Not one of my favorites from this author. Sometimes I think there is a contract with the publisher and a deadline. Story line and content are a second thought. Trite and often used who done it on a luxury cruise. Not hard to see who the bad guy was from the beginning. Love this author hated this book.

- annalee_martin

The real mystery here is "Who wrote this? And what have they done with Mary Higgins Clark?" I've probably read every novel Ms. Clark has written, and this one, if she indeed wrote it, suggests it might be time for her to begin her retirement. It was about 40% into book before anything interesting happened. And I know this is fiction, but most of the situations here was so laughably implausible that I felt I was watching slapstick comedy. I'm pretty sure I won't be all by myself alone in saying that this one was pretty bad.

- helen_moore

One afternoon! I picked up my Kindle a little before noon and began reading this book. Less than an hour later, my battery gave out. I plugged it in to recharge. When I began reading again, I couldn't put it down until I was finished. I love cruising, so I was especially interested in the book to begin with. I hadn't read a book in quite some time, so I was shocked when I couldn't put it down. When you read the book, make sure you have plenty of time to finish it in one sitting. It's that good.

- king_campbell

Even though, I read more psychologically thrillers these days, I am apt to read a book "here and there" of my original days of reading mystery's.
Mary Higgins Clark never disappoints. She has great characters whom she develops to the point I feel like I have known them forever. If you want a light and fun mystery, no doubt she is a good read. This particular story is set on a Cruise boat which is very interesting and highly entertaining.
I recommend any and all of Mary Higgins Clark books, because she is who started me 25 years ago from reading romance and history, to crime, suspense and edge of your seat thrillers.

- river_smith

I got it yesterday afternoon and stayed up all night to read it. Another big hit from the classy Mary Higgins Clark. If you like a good classy mystery. You will enjoy this book.

- derek_hill

A fan of both Mary Higgins Clark and Agatha Christie, I must admit that the author was clearly inspired by the spirit of a good Christie murder mystery, while retaining her own short chapter structure and tight narrative paragraph format. It was a delight to read.

I always appreciate strong storytelling with controversial subjects, no explicit violence or sex, and no profanity. This entertaining escape read was perfect for a stormy afternoon diversion with lots of potential suspects, strong character personalities, essential but not distracting descriptions, and vivid dialogue that drives the plotline.

I've never been disappointed with any MHC novel!

The story is set on the maiden voyage of a new luxury ocean liner sailing from New York to Southampton amid several intersecting motives among passengers, crew, and a mysterious thief out to steal a priceless necklace reported to once belonging to Cleopatra.

The storyline sparkles with the engaging interactions among the wealthy, social elite, and renowned professional experts on a cruise having many unintended similarities to Titanic's fateful voyage, something the ship's owner tries to avoid.

Although a murder and the potential deaths of others creates a suspenseful tone to the plotline, the story is more about the interactions among the passengers and crew. Tensions build when things start going wrong and suspicions develop among victims and villains in this fun adventurous journey. Enjoyable to try to discover the murderer among so many possible corrupted people identified one by one along the way.

Although the book can easily be read over several sittings, I enjoyed reading it in a single afternoon without feeling pressured to do so.

I thoroughly enjoyed both the book and Audible's narrative dramatic reading, both combining into a most pleasant reading experience.

- aubriella_harris

I have been a life-long fan of Mary Higgins Clark. I was disappointed with All By Myself, Alone. She phoned it in on this one. There was no mystery, no suspense.

In the future, I will read reviews first, no more pre-orders. I miss the classic MHC mysteries.

- angel_peterson

Sad to confess I lost interest in all the characters very quickly and the tedious plot, although a gallant effort was made to hide the identity of the mysterious thief until the end. Mary Higgins Clark is usually adept at drawing her characters, good and bad, with flair, warmth and understanding, and this was missing. I may have detected the hand of Carol Higgins throughout this book, as she never fails to trivialise characters almost into caricatures, so different from Mary Higgins Clark.

- rylan_long

All I have to see is a new book by Mary Higgins Clark and I buy it immediately. This book is her latest,which doesn't disappoint. Some old favourites are here to help solve the mystery. An excellent tale and with plenty of Ted herrings it was very difficult to pinpoint the murderer.

- jayson_peterson

I have read every book by Mary Higgins Clarke, and not been disappointed yet. Although the last few have been good, they can be quite predictable after a while. (In her last book, I had guessed the murderer on the second page!) I was very pleasantly surprised therefore, when this one kept me guessing til the end. I felt it was more like her older books, where everyone's a suspect at some point. I did actually guess the killer quite early on, but soon changed my mind and was actually very surprised when he was revealed! Will look forward to the next one.

- aryan_hill

A thoroughly enjoyable yarn from Mary Higgins Clark that kept me reading in one sitting. Flows well with good characterisation and a swiftly moving plot. Plot may be rather predictable - but, actually, there's nothing wrong with that. You know what you're getting and the author delivers.The cover (of this Kindle edition) seems, to me, rather misleading - nothing remotely terrifying here - from my point of view, a good thing! A reliably relaxing read firmly in the Mary Higgins Clark tradition.

- malachi_evans

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