Amazon CEO Letters ( 2009 - 2018 ) : CEO Letters & Biz Reports Book 5

Amazon CEO Letters ( 2009 - 2018 ) : CEO Letters & Biz Reports Book 5

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By: Jony Dev

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Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization. It is the largest Internet company by revenue in the world and the second largest employer in the United States.

It has been named one of the most prestigious tech companies to work for in the US for multiple years by Forbes Magazine.

Amazon's stock price was around $2 in 1997 IPO and reached $2000 in 2018 - grew 1000 times in 21 years.

- Do you want to read Jeff Bezos' original shareholder letter in 1997 which talks about Amazon's vision for the future ?
- Do you want to know how survived the 2001 dot-com burst ?
- Do you want to know how Amazon became a pioneer in Cloud Computing through Amazon Web Services ?
- Do you want to know what leadership principles are followed at Amazon to make Amazon a trillion dollar company and Jeff Bezos the world's 1st Centi-Billionaire ?

This book contains compilation of annual letters from Jeff Bezos to all shareholders from 2009 to 2018 on Amazon's yearly growth.

A masterpiece in tech history. Must read for every entrepreneur willing to build a company as a brand.
It was pretty cool to read Jeff Bezos's take on the evolution of Amazon and the early days of internet commerce as it was happening.

- jace_gray

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