Amazon Essentials Men's Big & Tall Short-Sleeve Slub Raglan Crew T-Shirt fit by DXL

Amazon Essentials Men's Big & Tall Short-Sleeve Slub Raglan Crew T-Shirt fit by DXL

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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If you are a short, fat man this shirt is for you. I like the fact that it is light weight and first very nice.

- braydon_gonzales

I didn't expect a $50 shirt at this price, but I think I got what people call an "irregular" (a mistake, usually sold in a bargain bin in outlet malls, etc). The stitching is off on this one, and the hems are severely crinkled even straight out of the drier. It's thin, but that was expected due to the price and description. But the irregularities in the fit make it look like you just tossed a piece of cloth with a hole for your head over you - I would not wear this out around others; around the house I guess it's ok, but I won't be ordering more.

- ronald_reyes

The shirt is very thin and the neck was stretched way out before shirt was even wore. I would avoid this
shirt if I where you.

- princeton_brown

Love it. I ordered two sizes up for a baggy, roomy big T. It’s just what I wanted - big enough for a T-dress. :)
Thin but solid, warm material and surprisingly warm. Thx!

- jack_miller

I normally wear Harbor Bay t-shirts like this, but wanted to try some other brands. The Amazon Essentials have a nice color selection and are comfortable. However, these are significantly thinner than what I am used to wearing. I may appreciate that more during a Houston summer. I suspect that I will shift to a thicker option when I wear these out.

- kaleb_wood

Good thing the shirt was only $10. Right out of the package you could easily see right through the shirt. The neck hole was big enough to stick a cows head through it. Misshaped cheap and for even $10 it is a waste of money. Lesson learned if it seems too cheap we know why.

- kyle_hernandez

Not heavy material but what I wanted. Cooler thin material for casual.

- emmaline_myers

I have never hurried to my computer to write a review so fast so I could save other people some time and money. I cannot believe that anyone is selling these t shirts in good conscience. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you this. They are not much thicker than a gauze bandage. I would never wear these out in public nor even in the house. I can't imagine these surviving more than three washings.

- samuel_lee

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