Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-fit Slub Raglan Crew T-Shirt

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-fit Slub Raglan Crew T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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If you are tired of buying XLs that fit like a tight Large on a good day. this is definitely the shirt for you. As a guy you suffers from fat boy genes despite my modest efforts i was looking fo a comfortable weekender/kicking it with the boys shirt. These shirts are a very generous fit, so much so that they can be on the baggy side. Hence the 4 star because its like Amazon said we hear you big guys and we are going to give you a shirt. but in the end they over compensated. That said, they don't have a sloppy look at all and I have actually had a couple of people ask me where I got the shirt. Due to the fact that it fit without looking oversized. Nice lightweight material makes for a great summer shirt. Or fall/spring with an open flannel (you know the look I'm talking about).

- oaklynn_bennet

Soft. Durable. Fits true to size. My husband likes his new shirt and says he would wear more of the same style. It has held up to washing and not faded. Good price for a decent shirt. My husband is 5'10" and around 180lbs at his heaviest for reference and we bought a medium.

- parker_garcia

The raglan sleeves really make a big difference in the way the shirts fits and looks. The fabric is perfect for summer. My two suggestions would be to make the pocket larger, and offer more colors.

- brylee_reed

I have finally found my t-shirt. This is what large should fit like. So many "large" t-shirts are really more like Tall...skinny and long...these are full in the chest and hang just right without a too long tail. The colors are classic and the material is not thin or thick...just right. I've never understood why most t-shirts are made from heavy..warm cotton! The idea is you wear them to stay cool right?
This shirt breathes nicely and having a pocket is super. Found my t-shirt.

- maddox_scott

This t-shirt is thin. Not tissue weight. But not much thicker than tissue weight. It could easily be worn as an undershirt. The fabric is very soft!!! Definitely softer than your average t-shirt, or undershirt. I love the way it feels!!! Seriously! I wish more shirts were this soft.

I ordered an XXL, as I bought it for me to wear to bed, and I prefer my t-shirts 2 sizes too big. My only regret is that I didn't buy more when they were offered at a lower price.

- chana_chavez

I'm not sure why these clothing manufacturers cannot make a neck line hold up? 20 years ago I never had this issue with t-shirts but every one I buy now is so cheaply made that they just stretch out of shape after limited use.I have a 16" neck and this shirt would fit someone with 22" now now. Total garbage, don't waste your money.

- nia_long

I was hoping that this shirt would meet my husband’s needs. He wanted new short sleeved shirts, and I liked that these were 100% cotton. While this shirt is amazingly soft, the shape is strange. It is almost wider than it is long. Our teen daughter loves it though. She wears it over leggings to bed and says that it is very comfortable.

- sebastian_perez

Not bad for pocket T. I bought it on sale and not sure if I would pay full price for another one. I do like the fit I am 6 foot tall with a slim build @ 175 pounds and Medium fit me perfect. If they go on sale again I will buy another.

- ronin_martin

I'm a woman and bought this t-shirt for lounging/pajamas as I prefer the boxier fit of a mens top. Great value for money, good quality fabric. I bought the M, and as a size 12 it comes up slightly longer and baggy which is perfect for what I wanted it for.

- kyle_hernandez

Great fit, nice material, looks smart, washes well. The person I purchased this for is very happy with the T.

- jerome_cruz

Nice quality but a little large.

- nancy_cox

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