American Metalcraft 8" Round Aluminum Pizza Peel with 12" Wood Handle

American Metalcraft 8" Round Aluminum Pizza Peel with 12" Wood Handle

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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This turning peel is perfect for a pizza stone in the oven or for use in the Gozney RoccBox. You definitely need a smaller peel in the RoccBox. There isn’t much room and this small peel gives you great control inside the oven. The short handle is wood and VERY sturdy! Highly recommend!

- nicholas_ortiz

Looks great and plan on using it for my outdoor pizza oven.
The issue I have is that A: the metal part came pretty scratched up making me wonder if it was once used snd returned to amazon or if it scratches easily. B when washing it for thw first time, I notes the wooden handle is of very quality and I need to bw careful not to get splinters.

- harold_foster

Arrive today and had a few scratches on it, plus one tiny dent. Made a pizza in my new Roccbox Oven.
The peel worked as expected. Especially with turning the pizza since it cooks so fast in there.

- maxine_kelly

I've purchased two of these round aluminum pizza peels. I use them in an outdoor firebrick pizza oven. Since the oven is rather deep (about three feet) I always lengthen the handle by attaching a five foot wooden extension. I've used an old shovel handle or a length of straight tree branch for this. With a long handle, I can easily rotate a cooking pizza for even browning when the oven is running at 625 degrees F or so, or retrieve a pizza from deep in the oven when it is finished.

- kai_brown

Works - only reason for it not being 5 star is that the handle is too short and the heat of the pizza oven will cook your fingers. But hey, that's more my fault than the products. Buy it and wear some gloves.

- wade_morris

I ordered this beauty to use in my Rockbox pizza oven. It works great! It is well built, for the price, it can't be beat.

- henry_moore

Small,flimsy and came damaged!! Looks like damage was from factory not a shipping issue!

- brianna_thompson

I got the short handle. Works great for our new ooni pizza oven. only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is because the handle is raw wood which i feel would get pretty gross overtime so i stained/sealed it myself

- jerome_cruz

Absolute garbage quality. Sharp pieces where the Peel meet the handle that will rip pizzas, terribly finished handle, wobbly.

I've seen better quality tools at Dollarama for $2

- selah_reyes

No me llegó lo que pedí... seguramente alguien más quien pidió estas tijeras les estará diciendo lo mismo por haber recibido mi pala para pizza.

- kathryn_white

Was as described

- royalty_perez

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