An Item of Member's Mark Black T-Shirt Carryout Bags (1,000 ct.) - Pack of 1 - Bulk Disc

An Item of Member's Mark Black T-Shirt Carryout Bags (1,000 ct.) - Pack of 1 - Bulk Disc

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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Potential buyers should be aware - approx. halfway through this order of 1000 bags, a problem emerged, in that one or both handles were deformed so they were very thin and weak and just broke or tore off when I went to tie the handles together. I would estimate somewhere around 1/3 or maybe somewhat less, of the bags had this defect. Very annoying. I would have to tape the bag or use another bag (one that wasn’t deformed) so double-bag it.

I feel pretty sure the seller had to know he/she was selling “seconds”, and some deceit was involved in not making this clear. I note as of today, these bags are “currently unavailable” from this seller. I decided to give the bags one more try (different seller) because in the past I have used them without this problem. Maybe I will get lucky.

I like these bags a lot. I’ve been buying this type of “t-shirt” bag for decades for animal care cleaning proposes, but all the white kind till I discovered these.

I decided to try them with the idea they might be a hair thicker than the white kind that I have to be so paranoid about over filling. I cant prove it but in use, they do seem sturdier.

(The idea black might be thicker comes from being told 100 years ago that black cars get an extra coat of paint so are a bit more rust resistant.)

One thing I didn’t really notice till they were in use halfway through the first box is that they are substantially bigger than the white bags. They are several inches taller just enough to be a lot more accommodating to what I use them for. I haven’t checked if they are any bigger width-wise.

Pretty sure they are somewhat thicker though, in spite of that hare brained factoid, for two reasons. First, you cant see the contents like you can with the white bags. For some unknown reason , I really like this feature although I don’t throw anything away that I need to be secretive about. I just feel neater and cleaner with a trash can full of these anonymous, clean looking black bags than I did with white bags displaying my sins of waste or non-recycling or whatever (to the birds at the dump I guess)...

Second, they actually are quite a bit more tear resistant than the white kind as far as just punctures and accidental rips. As far as holding more, I do put more in them but gingerly. I don’t push it. But bulky-light stuff, definitely. Cat litter, not so much! A burst at the bottom would be much more upsetting in that case. ...

When first shopping Amazon for these I found them mostly to be ridiculously more expensive than the white bags for no apparent reason. But this particular kind was either the same or close in price. So I can’t explain the price thing. I have stuck with these so far (3 orders or thereabouts).

- juan_torres

After NY Banned single use bags, I didn't have bags to use at the grocery store. My conscience wouldn't let me use those heavy bags that are heavy and have to be shipped half way across the planet (not really environment friendly). So I use these. I then recycle them by using them to take stuff to work when needed and as small trash bags in the bath room. Any left go in the recycle stream. Much thinner than the purpose made trash bags. Now that we have Covid-19, these type bags given out at the store are waivered and for good reason, they are much more sanitary. Don't forget to recycle the bags and to buy stuff made out of the recycled bags.

- briar_richardson

I am very dissatisfied with this 1000 bag box of these bags as the seam on the side of the bag tears open when you open the bag. Totally unuseable. I have bought these before & they were very good. You can feel that these are thinner. I have asked for a refund. I suggest ordering a different brand.

- aurora_gomez

Large bags, about the same size as that store with the Red Bullseye as their logo. The box was open when it arrived, damaged in shipping but all of the bags were there. I agree with other comments that state that quality control is needed. They are good bags, but about 1/4 of them are stuck together at the handles and slightly rip when pulled apart. Overall satisfied, but until quality control gets better, you might want to try another brand.

- jewel_moore

This is the same case of bags available for in-town purchase from Sam's Club. I was specifically looking for bags that were not from Sam's Club. One main reason - If I wanted a case of Members Mark bags from Sam's Club, I would go to Sam's Club and buy them for $12.96.

- aminah_gray

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