Angola 3 - Black Panthers And The Last Slave Plantation

Angola 3 - Black Panthers And The Last Slave Plantation

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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The subject is extremely important, but i didn't think this film did it justice. There is almost no backstory for any of the Angola 3 (a big disappointment), and i found it hard to follow in places (even tho i've done a lot of research on the Angola 3). It was actually a bit boring. I preferred "Hard Time" and "Who Are the Angola 3"

- riya_bennet

Powerful and informative interviews with Angola 3 and supportive network of people who can see the truth through the mirage...

- veda_murphy

Great documentary!

- keyla_mendoza

???? Not what I expected

- holden_adams

This "documentary" was highly selective in the material chosen to represent and reinforce the producer's predetermined conclusions. Having been to Angola numerous times to visit inmates, it is obvious to me that the producers of this film have a very negative agenda that does not mirror the reality of today's Angola. Injustice exists, to be sure, but the vast conspiracy mentality is indefensible. Broad strokes were used to paint a very negative and false portrayal of the warden and the institution. A waste of time.

- adonis_hughes

Very interesting and educational.

- gabriel_walker

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