Aqualief Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inch,3 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector Anti-Scratch Bubble Free Case-Friendly,2pcs Lens Soft Tempered Film

Aqualief Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inch,3 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector Anti-Scratch Bubble Free Case-Friendly,2pcs Lens Soft Tempered Film

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The wet wipes all dried out and super small to grab. No supporting tool to place the protector and no instructions of how to use.

- Anonymous

Job done. Performs exceptionally well. Check your original fuel system fuel tap is separate to the carb casting if not order a small length of pipe, an inline fuel tap, and pipe clips (this is for petrol system as you still need to stop petrol when running on LPG) the fuel tap is less than two quid. Don't let not having one spoil how quickly you'll have this up and running. Scratching your head wondering why you hadn't done it months ago. Other kits from different suppliers not on amazon want 150quid for their kits. So you've already got eighty five to spend on your first 19kg LPG. You'll need a bottle regulator, pipe and clips to complete. Normally around £20 the lot (2m pipe). Easy peasy. Well done LTG PRO COMMIT700 thankyou for bringing me such a good product. Take time to research the job and procedures for fitting and operating the system and be safe. If your not sure ask someone who knows or get them to do it for you. Check local regulators particularly on safe use and bottle storage etc. And feel confident before commencement. Thanks.

- Anonymous

Once I discovered what Celeriac was and how healthy it is I wanted to have a go at growing my own.

It’s not a very attractive looking vegetable (looks like an ugly turnip) but is very low gi – which means it’s a slow burn food that supposed to keep you fuller for longer. Not only that but it has half the calories of a potato and can be cooked as if you were cooking a potato. I like having mine chopped up and oven cooked the same as roast potatoes. Celeriac soup is also fab.

Anyway I bought 4 types of seeds to see which one would germinate the best and eventually try and see and which tastes the best – if there is any difference in flavour at all.

This review only goes as far as germination into little baby plants (I’m not a gardener – I just like to experiment and see what will grow with the minimum of effort. Therefore I don’t know the technical terms for a baby plant).

So from sowing the seeds indoors at the very start of Feb 2016 it took 2-3 weeks for the seeds to germinate. All varieties germinated but some varieties germinated better than others. All the seeds were in self-watering trays that I picked up from Wilkos and were left on the windows ledge. I don’t know if it’s better to have been on the middle or the ends of the window ledge but I did swap them around to make it fair.

This particular pack of seeds came 1st in my germination success table with an average number of seeds and an average price. Sometimes its quite satisfying to know that almost every seed you plant will grow into something rather than you staring at an empty seeding tray shouting "come on you little monkey - grow!".

#1 Celeriac Monarch – approx. 250 seeds (£1.99 + 0.90pp = £2.89)
#2 Celeriac Albin – approx. 250 seeds (£1.99+ 0.90pp = £2.89)
#3 Celeriac Asterix F1 – approx. 250 seeds (£1.75 + £1.50pp = £3.25)
#4 Celeriac Giant Prague – approx. 1250 seeds (£0.65 + 0.80pp = £1.45)

So with the knowledge that all the seeds I planted do germinate you won’t go wrong in buying any of these seeds or you can do what I did and buy a few varieties to play with.

The picture included with this review was taken on 12th March - so that's the size of the plants after about 6 weeks

Happy gardening!

- Anonymous

First response is "that is expensive" but it is an ace product, easy to use if you follow the directions and it actually revives the wood and protects it, we used it on garden fencing approx 4-6 months ago its looks good but I am unable to comment on durability. I believe it to be good value for money and have received comments on how good it looks

- Anonymous

Much easier for tidying cables that you may be putting into a drawer for later use or for just general cable tidying on your electronic equipment, the quality of the product itself seems very good. So handy being able to undo and redo as many times as you like if you want to add or remove cables, and you get a decent amount in one pack.

- Anonymous

Great wee chest freezer holds a lot more than ud think by looking at it, perfect for my spare room, can hardly hear it. I bought it just before all that panic buying and filled it as I thought all that would happen so glad I did it's excellent. I love it

- Anonymous

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