Aretha's Best

Aretha's Best

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By: Aretha Franklin

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Album gathers the Queen's 20 best-sellign singsles from both her Atlantic and Arista years! The only collection ever to bring together her classic and recent hits. Deluxe O-card packaging added!
Well, yeah, it's Aretha, right? at her best, right? A great collection, and a stand out among all those others purporting to be "best ofs". Well mastered, too. A joy to play.

- dayton_adams

Any artist who recorded as many great songs as Aretha has done cannot be perfectly represented by a one disk greatest hits collection. Having said this, this particular collection gathers many of her greatest singles together, from her second and third record labels. That means you get Respect and, if you want it, I knew You Were Waiting For Me. This is the only Aretha collection still in print that has her hits from the 60's through the 80's. It's a solid collection of hits; if you buy it for that reason, you'll be satisfied.

- haley_nelson

She's for a younger generation than mine but a truly polished performer. Didn't she begin singing in her church when a child?

- priscilla_clark

Usually when I buy a CD there are a few songs that I like, and ignore the rest. On this CD there are only 4 songs that I really didn't care for. This was my preference of course. I believe there are 18 songs on this CD and so 4 out of 18 is not bad at all. So with that said-don't be afraid to buy this CD. Hopefully you will enjoy it like I have.

- chanel_sanchez

Wide selection of Aretha Franklin's greatest hits. I originally had purchased this disc at Whole Foods and decided to look on Amazon to see if it was the same price. Wow...this item at Whole Foods was 6 to 7 dollars more expensive for the same product, which seems goofy since Amazon owns Whole Foods.

- gunnar_torres

Love her music and this album has all my favorite songs. We played it during Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone said it was a good energy.

- aaliyah_cruz

A thrilling cd, Aretha's main songs are presented in order. Everything from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are included. It's fantastic!

- sophia_jones

Aretha Franklin has very well deserved to be called "Queen of Soul" She has a magnificent singing voice. Her style of music grows on you. Some of her very best tunes are on this CD! A must have!

- aleah_davis

very happy with the item I purchased the music is lovely and happy with the prompt delivery.

- jaden_allen

Alle Soul-Hits, die man haben will und erwartet der 1960er, 1970er und 1980er – samt Chartpositionen! Eine klasse CD und sehr gut zusammengestellt. Leider nicht drauf: die 1990er mit etwa "A Rose Is Still A Rose", "Willing To Forgive" und "A Deeper Love". Sonst aber alles. Kaufen!

- august_price

It's a very good CD, all her greatest hits. I bought it for the memories, as she was the number 1 'Queen of Soul!'

- cristiano_evans

It was a great cd! So much variety of songs, and they were all great! If you like Aretha Franklin youll love this cd! I'm glad I bought it!

- cohen_anderson

There is 21 tracks on this and all are great.

- dimitri_rodriguez

The best greatest hits CD ever.

- bentley_johnson

A natural womanと、chain of looseが聴きたくて、購入しました("⌒∇⌒")

- angie_green

80年代半ばの大ヒットFreeway of Love,Who`s zoomin`Who...40代に手が届きそうな人、それ以上の人たちには勿論、まだ10代、20代でも、俺はソウルが大好きという人達に是非聞いてほしい作品がずらり。若者が年配の音楽を聞かず、年配が若者の音楽を非難する昨今の日本とは違い、本物を聞きたい全ての人達を奮わせたサウンドが満載です。80年代というと、他にはジェームスブラウンやティナターナー等々が二度目のブームを巻き起こした時代ですが、彼らの曲なんかを一緒に聞いてみるのもいいかも。新鮮ですよ。はい

- jovanni_gray


- ronin_martin


- finn_gutierrez

「Ally Mcbeal」でアレサ・フランクリン を聴いて購入しました。


またドラマでも使われた「respect」「sweet sweet baby」「until you come back to me」


- daisy_cooper

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