Arts and Cultural Programming: A Leisure Perspective

Arts and Cultural Programming: A Leisure Perspective

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By: Gaylene Carpenter and Doug Blandy

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More and more, community festivals, performing and visual arts, and cultural events are capturing the public interest, making arts and cultural programming an increasingly important part of the leisure and recreation, hospitality, museum, and tourism industries. As arts and cultural opportunities expand, programmers can look to Arts and Cultural Programming: A Leisure Perspective to acquire skills to build their audiences and position their programs for success.

This is the first book that covers options in arts and cultural programming from a leisure standpoint. It draws on current knowledge of leisure programming strategies for small, medium-sized, and large organizations in a variety of settings, including community recreation, community and cultural arts, nonprofit organizations, hospitality, tourism, public relations, and event management. The book uses terms and ideas from the leisure and recreation fields, making it easy for even those with little knowledge of arts and cultural programming to design, plan, manage, and evaluate events.

Complete with chapters written by experts in leisure programming and arts administration and edited by field authorities Gaylene Carpenter and Douglas Blandy, this unique book offers new perspectives on the possiblities of arts and cultural experiences. Arts and Cultural Programming: A Leisure Perspective progresses from theory to general program management and then to specific program considerations. It offers :

-guidance in the planning process, from needs assessment and strategic planning through the implementation of specific events

-practical advice on topics such as finding your audience, budgeting, recruiting volunteers, and marketing your event

-descriptions of the tasks and functions required for programming success, making it easy to plan for appropriate staffing through the entire event planning process

-recommendations for working with musicians, performers, dancers, and other participants involved in your event

-examples of best practices and current programs, from the conventional to the innovative, exposing you to a variety of programming options while allowing you to choose what works best for your community

-a chapter each on festivals, special events, community arts, cultural programs, museums, and performing arts with case studies and examples from actual organizations so you can see what is working for other professionals and their patrons

-a discussion of trends and challenges in the field, enabling you to proactively plan for the future of your program

The book is firmly grounded in leisure programming theory, but it still contains the most important terminology and provides a basic understanding of the arts so that you can become comfortable working with events in those fields. The authors provide step-by-step application of basic theory and approaches to designing and implementing one-time events, annual or seasonal events, and yearlong programs. You'll be able to use this knowledge to move confidently beyond the examples found in this book toward programming events that fulfill the needs of your community.

Enliven your next arts or cultural venture with the practical tips and innovative case studies found in Arts and Cultural Programming: A Leisure Perspective, and use its foundational theory and guidance to help you succeed in the burgeoning field of programming for arts and culture.

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