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Astro Boy

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It's a cute movie. I watched this my 2 yr old, and it kept his attention. I know this is based off a comic/anime/cartoon (which I have not seen or read), but there were a few times that certain things didn't make sense to me. My husband's explanation usually started with him saying "In the comic/anime/cartoon ..." and then explaining how it connects to the cartoon. Nicholas Cage's character just seemed so bleh to me and I never really connected with him.

I don't understand the negative reviews about traumatizing your children??? If your kids are so sensitive that this movie traumatized them, then I think they need to be toughened up a little. I guess they will just be the next generation of being offended and butt-hurt over everything. But at least they got there 11th place trophy and participation ribbon ...

- sergio_turner

Astro Boy is a fun and exciting animated film that has a deep interesting story about it. Its about a scientist who builds a robot to replace his dead son; but when the son discovers that he's a robot, he goes out into the world to find his life's purpose. A little boy who's love for science took him further than he could ever use in his young imagination.
-Great at delivering movie expectations and graphics
-The characters all fit into the story well.
-Its colorful with a lot of action
-Kids will like this movie!
Honestly, I was mainly fascinated by the way the main characters hair triangle kept changing sides. ;)
Good movie. Watch it and enjoy.

- melanie_hughes

The voice acting by Nicholas Cage and Donald Sutherland leave something to be desired, and some of that may also be due to the deadpan expressions their animated depictions wear through most of the movie. Similarly, Dr. Elefun, voiced by Bill Nighy, is weirdly overwrought with paternal angst, and doesn't even seem to be a scientist in this film. The character of Toby/Astro was one of the better ones, relatively speaking, although the script kinda simplified the challenges he faced, probably to make it more relatable to a young viewer. All in all it was pleasant but not particularly compelling or engrossing like a Pixar or Ghibli film...

- henry_moore

I was a huge fan of Astro Boy cartoons back in the 60's - and this movie touched on many fond memories, however, why was Astro Boy's point on top of his head always switching from one side to another? It was very distracting (to someone who used to spend hours drawing his cartoon and knowing so well that the point should always be over his right eyebrow.) Otherwise it was a sweet movie.

- jeremiah_morales

This movie has it all! A plot that is simple enough for kids to stay engaged while not making Mom and Dad want to gouge their eyes out. A very well thought out little story that will warm your heart and encourage your little ones to treat all people with dignity and respect! Just stop reading my review and buy! Sometimes these films go out of print and then you can't get them unless you want to pay five times the normal price. So buy now!

- harmoni_scott

Astro Boy was one of my favorite comics and TV cartoon shows during my growing up years in the late 1960's, and when I watched this movie with my wife, our childhood memories came back. This one exceeded all our expectations. The "superhero actions" were mixed in with the dramas. Good triumphed over evil. The language was clean. The violence was mostly destructions of buildings and stuff.

[Spoiler alert!] There was one dead, but it was implied, and it was the whole premise of Astro Boy's existence. The controversy of attempting to create human in the movie may cause some uneasiness to some people. Parental guidance is needed in that aspect.

I watched it with my college-age children, and they loved it. I watched it with my little nephews and nieces, they all loved it, too.

- tucker_ward

Knowing how badly this movie did at the box office, I was expecting something really horrible. But, it was pretty darn good. It has great animation, art direction, and a story full of ethos. There are definitely some emotional parts that might overwhelm some children. I even got misty at certain moments. Being a father, I'm always looking for things to watch with my son. He's going through an Avenger's phase at the moment. I'm a big old school Marvel fan myself, growing up collecting comic books and trading cards. This movie is way better than some of the animation that have come out recently for Marvel.

The more old school cartoons that came out in 90s were much better dealing with more realistic or darker themes.The recent ones are very superficial. Characters being emotionally flat and under-developed. (I dread watching them with my son, often falling asleep.) It could be criticized that Astro Boy doesn't change much himself, being forever wide-eyed and idealistic, however, the characters around him do change dealing with themes like prejudice, segregation, militarism, and class-warfare. Some of the character arcs are unearned, but in comparison to even some adult films, they do earn it.

And this movie definitely earns a view. Not everyone will like it, but many more will. I recommend watching the first twenty minutes and making a decision for yourself. "Onward and upward..."

- danielle_gomez

Good storyline about alienation and acceptance, community, and the destructive nature of the lust for power. All presented in an entertaining and fun way for youngsters. It's fun to see the realization of the classic Astro Boy's hidden talents, i.e. his jet power and weaponry, with this particular type of animation.

Overall an enjoyable film, probably more so for the kid-at-heart.

- zane_johnson

Not the plot you expect from a childrens film... essentially the boy of a scientist dies (yes, dies) and the scientist remakes him as a AI type clone with memories and 'look' the same. He soon rejects him with the "boy/robot" confused as to why...
Somehow this cross between the Incredibles, Meet The Robinsons and AI manages not to be depressing and kids just enjoy the occasional bouts of humour, Astroboys coolness and the numerous action scenes....
My boy (an emotional and sensitive boy with no capacity for scare!) enjoyed the film and focused on its fun. Hired as a bargain bin DVD from blockbuster then bought for £3 on Amazon on his insistance.
There are better films but this has a good cast, some strong animations, some good one liners "I'm the fridge", and is suitable distraction fare....

- carmen_jones

I was sceptical about this film to begin with, but after watching it I was definitely impressed. There were parts which seemed a little quirky and almost out-of-place but as the Astroboy manga was quirky in places this didn't detract from the film. A heartwarming story (if altered a bit for the movie adaption) that will appeal to an audience of all ages.

A deep story told in a light-hearted fashion with comedy throughout. The characters are endearing and the story is well-paced. Very 'rewatchable' and a great buy :D

- aubrie_cooper

I'm not quite sure why this film wasn't a big success. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was greatly surprised that my daughter did too. While I'm a big Pixar, Disney fan she rarely likes film full stop, loving only 'My Good neighbour Totoro' from the Ghibli Studios. But she liked this. She is eight years old now.
Personaly I like to go into a film knowing as little as posssible, to allow the skill of story telling to reveal itself [if it's there!] so I am purposely saying nothing about Astro Boy other than great entertainment, thoroghly recommend!

- keyla_mendoza

Fast delivery, well packed, as described. Perfect.

- julia_castillo

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