Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Endgame 6" Ronin Marvel Cinematic Universe Collectible Fan Figure

Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Endgame 6" Ronin Marvel Cinematic Universe Collectible Fan Figure

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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I really like this figure a lot and besides Ebony Maw was the one I looked forward to the most. However the legs on mine were very gooey and one of the legs broke馃様 so if you do get it and the legs seem wobbly go check out TheLeolegendary on Youtube and he shows how to fix this problem. Other than that beautiful figure hoping I can get my hands on another.

- jasper_james

Sculpt and detail is amazing and I love the accessories! My only issue is that the paint job isn鈥檛 applied as densely and durably as I would鈥檝e liked. Some of the paint chipped when I put the sword in the figures hand. The hood is a loose piece. I think this is a good thing because it doesn鈥檛 restrict the figures head swivel.

- seth_perez

Great item as described fast shipping would buy again

- cash_james

I have to say, for the proce it's a great figure. The details, accesories, facial sculpt, and poses cannot be denied. He is the Ronin I've seen from Endgame and an proud to have him in my collection. I only wished he came with either a bow and arrow or more importantly, a Jeremy Renner head.
The only real problem I have with him is the hilt of his blades is sticky as if the manufacturer spilled a pint of Sprite on the hilt and didn't clean it up during the drying process.
Besides those points, if you want a legit Ronin figure, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this figure

- aryanna_edwards

This figure looks very similar with Ronin (Hawkeye) from the Avengers Endgame, you can take the hood off, it come with a ninja switchable hand and two awesome blades!!

- ayla_young

I bought an action figure with the intent to Open it and display it out of the packaging; however, if I was a collector who desired un-opened figures, I'd be wanting my money back. Container was broken open upon arrival. Item was not damaged, and all accessories were accounted for; but the packaging was in an ugly state.

- sadie_peterson

Son is obsessed with ninjas, so created a ninja party for his 5th birthday. I used this as a cake topper since I didn't want those crazy ninja turtles. Turned out adorable and our son was surprised. My husband was surprised as well, since we didn't even know about this specific character to begin with. Per the other reviews as well, the legs are stiff, but this guy is awesome. Interchangeable hand, arm are very cool. The swords were perfect to slice the cake!

- nathan_hall

Ordered it and got here fast. Tried bending all the joints to see how much it will bend and leg breaks off. I send it back and they replaced it in no time. But the replacement has the same problem with very weak joints. I'm afraid to bend the joints on this one. Probably a manufacturing problem.

- melany_alvarez

This is an "okay" figure for a Marvel Legend. Nothing awful about it, nothing super-exciting either.

One thing of note--pay attention to how the hood is oriented on the figure before opening it. The hood is not actually secured to the jacket, it rests on the shoulders by being "tucked under" the collar, which holds it well enough for posing and play.
I've seen some reviews of it where the user has clearly taken the hood off and replaced it wrong on the figure--which results in it not fitting quite right. Properly fitted there should be gold lining around the face opening of the hood, AND two dual-stripes leading down to that lining toward the face.

Also, the swords fit in OPPOSITE ends of the open sheathe, not the same end.

- kenneth_moore

This thing is so poorly made, got it for my son, and within the hour out of the package the knee pad on his suit popped off, and then the knee itself behind it split on the rubber to where it is hanging on by a thread before he is an amputee. My son doesn't play rough with toys, it's just made with cheap rubber material.

Marvel Legends needs to clarify if they are collectible figures or actually toys these days because the quality is so much of a gamble from figure to figure. There is a design on it's side indicating articulation in the legs, but don't be fooled this is just cosmetic. The knee joint doesn't actually bend, it rips in half despite it's ball joint appearance.

This one though, is absolute trash. Angering, in fact.

- stefan_roberts

El molde es chido como casi siempre pero la chamarra al ser una sola pieza limita en exceso la articulaci贸n del torso, y a su vez las uniones de las rodillas son como de goma y generan demasiada fricci贸n, necesita unos arreglos en la chamarra y rodillas que no son dif铆ciles de hacer y mejoran la figura, pero por mucho no es la mejor de la l铆nea.
PD: Si le quitas la chaqueta y le pones la cabeza y arco de Barton del 2-Pack es la misma apariencia de Hawkeye en Endgame.

- reese_peterson

Esta figura sin duda la recomiendo para aquellos que no tienen ningun Hawkeye en este caso es Ronin pero si consigues el 2 pack de clint y natasha con los trajes cu谩nticos solo necesitas intercambiar las cabezas, lo malo es que debes aplicar calor en algunas articulaciones ya que no es muy posable cuando est谩n endurecidos los puntos de articulaci贸n por as铆 decirlo. Es quiz谩 la 2nda mejor de la Wave la verdad.

- matilda_lee

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