Baby Ruth Milk Chocolate Halloween Candy Bars, Full Size Bulk Ferrero Candy for Trick or Treat Bags, 1.9 oz (Pack of 24)

Baby Ruth Milk Chocolate Halloween Candy Bars, Full Size Bulk Ferrero Candy for Trick or Treat Bags, 1.9 oz (Pack of 24)

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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The bars are now smaller in size. The new manufacturer says "improved flavor" but the texture is wrong compared to the original Nestle version. Very disappointed with the creative direction this company has decided to take with the purchase of the Nestle brand products. Will no longer buy any Baby Ruth, Crunch or Butterfinger (disgusting now).

- sky_taylor

These do not taste like the Baby Ruth Candy bars I have loved since my childhood. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE CANDY BARS TO ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY ARE BUYING THE TRADITIONAL BABY RUTH CANDY BARS. These are not returnable. ALSO, I received 18 Share (two 2.1 Bars) in each wrapper, instead of their statement and picture that there are 24 regular candy bars.

- ramon_edwards

Although these Baby Ruth Bars are advertised as a box of 24-count 2.1 oz. bars, I was sent a box of 18-count 3.3 oz. bars (“share pack” that contains two approx. 1.6 oz. pieces in each bar.) They are also the new recipe by the new manufacturer, Ferrero. Not as good as they used to be.

- messiah_ross

and yet, i have a couple gripes. 1 i hate when they took candy bars or king size bars and split them in half. if i wanted a smaller candy bar id buy one or the fun size. something satisfying about holding a candy bar, probably something from childhood when youre finally old enough to get your own grown up size lol i also wish i was able to find a box with about half the quantity. 2 dozen os a little much and I'll need to give some away, maybe to co workers with a nice note as a pick me up. anyways, i had been craving a Baby Ruth and could never seem to find them when i was in the store. so overall a decent enough price and the new packaging is def new but not as charming as the original. but then again its candy. so enjoy.

- tyson_white

When I was a small child, we went to town on Saturday and while my mother did the shopping. I would stay with my father who usually found someone to talk to. One of these was an old bachelor neighbor named Andy Poffenberger. I called him Uncle Andy and he always found a Baby Ruth in his pocket for me. I ate it slowly to make it last while the two men talked crops and the weather and it remains one of my fondest memories of being four years old and hanging around with my Dad while my mother was at the grocery store.

- preston_hughes

Seriously? I ordered this for Halloween and I was given an expired product. Way to ruin a good chocolate.

- elliott_reyes

Shrunken from original

- aadhya_lopez

Another favorite of my youth. When we were well behaved children of yesteryear, when our mother brought us to the grocery store, she would tell us as long as we behaved we could have a candy bar at the checkout. I always chose Baby Ruth.

Probably not a good practice for all the weight I have put on and off over the years, but I was very happy to find these on Amazon!

- zoe_green

I always love this chocolate and will buy some more as soon as I finish the box.

- brady_clark

Buonissimi ho usato questo prodotto perché è stato reso celebre nel film dei goonnies

- noah_johnson

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