Barbarian Prize (Black Lace)

Barbarian Prize (Black Lace)

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By: Deanna Ashford

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After a failed uprising in Brittania, Sirona, a princess of the Iceni, and her lover, Taranis, are taken to Pompeii and sold as slaves. White Taranis is used to satisfy the demands of a rich Roman lady, Sirona is confined to the home of a lecherous senator until his stepson, General Lucius Flavius rescues her.
After the lovers are briefly united their situation takes a turn for the worst. Sirona finds herself in the clutches of the erotic cult of Dionysis and Taranis must fight for his life as a gladiator in the arena. Meanwhile, beneath Mount Versuvius, there are forces gathering that even the power of the Romans cannot control.

In Britannia, Iceni Princess Sirona and her warrior lover Taranis led the failed revolt against the Romans. The royal barbarian and her mate are taken prisoner and brought to Rome to insure that no more trouble from her people occurs. They are separated and sold into slavery in Pompeii though they vow to find one another somehow.

Taranis is owned by a wealthy female Roman lady, who plans to use the hunk as her sex slave; Sirona is purchased by agents of General Lucius Flavius, but brought to the home of his perverted stepfather who plans to abuse her before his relative returns to claim her. When Flavius comes home he takes Sirona with him; they become lovers though she thinks of Taranis except when Flavius makes love to her. Meanwhile Taranis is sent to fight as a gladiator while Sirona struggles with the erotic desires of the Dionysus cult. Mount Vesuvius is about to provide the final climax for those inside the city.

BARBARIAN PRIZE is an interesting Ancient Roman erotic romance that takes place mostly just before the volcanic eruption. Sirona and Taranis are solid characters who survive tribulations with both having the goal that one day they will be together. It is fascinating that the charm of Flavius is perhaps the first real potential obstacle from their objective. Though some help from unlikely sources seem improbable, fans will agree that Deanna Ashford provides a fine deep look at a hedonistic Rome through the eyes (and bodies) of the two barbarians.

Harriet Klausner

- nicolas_jones

Another erotic Black Lace story, "The Barbarian Prize" now set up in ancient Pompeii, Italy, at time of the catastrophic volcanic eruption of Mt.Vesuvius in AD 79. Princess Sirona and her lover, the warrior Taranis are brought by sea from Brittania where they had been captured and taken to Pompeii as slaves. As it is an erotic historical romance, many scenes are graphically described, as Sirona is kept inside the villa of a libertine Roman senator and Taranis is bought by an opulent and sexually greedy lady. Other adventures await our heroes mainly Taranis who later becomes a gladiator. The culmination is the actual event. Nobody is aware of its nature and is taken by surprise as history left written for the posterity. For readers who really like erotic fiction. Very well written by Deanna Ashford including details of the quotidian of a town at that time.

- laylah_robinson

Deanna's Ashford Savage Surrender was erotic, intriguing, and kept you wanting more. I found that book very pleasurable to read and have been looking for a similar one. I was hoping to find it here, in this book and was mistaken. The storyline is too drenced with sexual interactions (don't get me wrong, i like drenched, but geez) and there was nothign out of the ordinary....nothing done that you would be like "WOW!!" After reading a chapter or two, i skimmed through the rest, barely. It doesn't seem like the author who wrote Savage Surrender penned this book.

- amir_carter

Now and then I enjoy a good erotic novel, especially one with an historical setting. This one was unfortunately a dud - being neither particularly erotic nor a very good story.

- genevieve_wood

I am always fascinated by the historical story of Pompeii so to find a book with both the historical tale and Erotic Romance thrown in is a real treat - A must read

- muhammad_rogers

I did wonder what really happened in Pompeii,and now I know and fits in with others of the same genre.however the classic female slave genre is very well written and imaginative

- salvador_reed

Good read

- leland_castillo

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