Basis Health Tracker for Fitness, Sleep & Stress (2014 Ed.)

Basis Health Tracker for Fitness, Sleep & Stress (2014 Ed.)

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The most important thing to understand about the Basis B1 is that it is a *Health Tracker* or perhaps even *Fitness Monitor*, but it is certainly not an *Exercise Monitor*. This is not the right device to dig deeply into the details of your exercise sessions, nor is it intended to be.

Instead, this device observes your vital signs over the longer term (especially those times when you're not exercising) to provide you with metrics about your general health and level of activity overall.

For those of us who aren't fitness buffs, don't regularly go to the gym, don't have personal trainers, don't run marathons, and so on, there is no other device quite like it. The Basis B1 is truly "set it and forget it" in that sense--wear it, charge it, and you can log in and get a sense for how fit (or unfit) you are, along with a series of approachable, practical cues to improve your health in ways that busy, non-exercisers might actually be able to work into our lives and schedules.

I love the habit-based system, with scoring and leveling, and find it to be both motivating and informative. This is the body tracking device for the rest of us--the ones that don't own a pair of running shoes but would still like to care about our health in little ways.

I've found no problems with data corruption, missing data, meaningless data, or other similar things that others have reported. The battery easily lasts days, and the syncing is seamless; it syncs when I charge it, it syncs via bluetooth on several mobile devices, and I sync it all of these ways without rhyme or reason and there have been no ill effects. I don't particularly care that it doesn't track my heart rate when running because I don't run. It does track my heart rate when walking just fine, and provides me with an easy-to-capture record of my general level of activity, sleep, and stress (via heart rate) throughout the day.

It's leading me to make positive changes in life that were difficult before simply because it can be hard if you have an incredibly busy schedule to know where to begin and what might move the needle on making health better. The Basis app does a great job, via the habits system, of offering a variety of little changes that are easy to make and meet and that together pay off with bigger rewards.

I suspect that a lot of the negative reviews for this device are from people that want to use it specifically to dissect the data from intense workout sessions. This is the wrong product for that task at every level--the documentation says that it may miss data when you're intensely working out, and the user interface is oriented entirely toward life monitoring and habit maintenance, not toward exercise session record-keeping.

If you're looking for a running computer, this is not it. If you're looking for a device that you can wear 24/7 to get a baseline on your body, then to develop better habits like becoming more active, getting more regular and higher-quality sleep, and developing lifestyle routines that are conducive to better health, then this thing fits the bill very well. I'd almost say it was perfect if the screen was a little brighter and the unit a little thinner.

- Anonymous

So much potential but it misses the mark!
For the past year, I've been tracking my workouts with a Garmin 620 and thought it would be nice to try a fitness tracker and get some 24/7 results instead of a few hours a week.
The unit arrived and the packaging was nice, the setup simple.

The Basis is comfortable on my wrist, a tiny bit bulky but not obnoxious, and I'm a 6'2" 225lb guy.

Started tracking data with it and watching my activity levels and sleep patterns, which is super cool.
The tracker seems to log a good amount of data and is mostly accurate compared to my outside tests, (Garmin HR, calorie burn rates).

After a few days, the unit didn't sync properly and the website never got 70% of my activity for the day. I emailed customer service and they said, "it is an occasional glitch". So I stayed with it the unit. It turns out that on averrage 1 day a week doesn't register in the totals, which is lame.
But I do like the data enough to stay with it.

Next issue pops up after 3 weeks of wearing the unit. I'm at the gym and the band feels extra tight during a workout, I go to slide it around a bit and see if it;s riding up and the anchor that holds the band to the body of the watch rips out of the side of the Basis unit. That's pretty lame and shows a level of build quality that is suspect.
Luckily, I was within my 30 days on Amazon Prime, so it went back in the box and I got a replacement.

That unit appeared to be rock solid for about 4 weeks, then it started not syncing 1 or 2 days week to the website. The unit on my arm shows calories, steps HR but that data never makes it into the website, which is a fail.
After reading other reviews, I see i'm just another person with a unit that doesn't work as advertised and I'm more than 30 days out, so no refund!

Now after having the replacement unit for 2 months, they announce the basis will be coming out that has better HR monitoring while working out and alarms in the watch.
I will wait a long while and read more reviews to see if they fix the issues that this unit has before I'd ever consider buying another unit from Basis.

Overall rating, meh

- Anonymous

This had been the greatest technological satisfaction ever. Super advanced in its time. Good results and it really helped me track down my sleep and other patterns.
Only the leather strap was crap. But the watch was super good. Timely delivery by amazon.

The company of this watch works on 200 percent customer satisfaction! When they stopped the user interface, they took back the watch and refunded me even more than the price I had paid! And that too, after 4 years of good use of the watch!
I can never expect this kind of service and integrity by Indian companies. Amazing product, amazing service! God bless them and amazon

- Anonymous

I am disappointed to write a negative review. When I first receive my basis band, I was happy with it, but within 4 months, it stopped working. I contacted the company who redirected me to the vendor "Canadian bargains" who did not respond but simply closed the file refusing to refund or return or help in any way.

I think this device shows promise but is definitely not ready for prime time and if it breaks down within a few months with normal use and you can't get it replaced or repaired, I would definitely avoid for now. Really too bad

- Anonymous

Gud one
waiting for next upgrade

- Anonymous

Works very well...

- Anonymous

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