Bear Market Trading Strategies

Bear Market Trading Strategies

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By: Matthew R. Kratter

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Tired of losing money in 2020?

Ready to learn how to trade a bear market?

Bear markets do not behave anything like bull markets.

If you try to buy the dips, you will get crushed.

If you try to short a bear market and don't know what you are doing, you will also get crushed.

In fact, most of the tricks that work in bull markets don't work in bear markets.

During a bear market, there is always a vast transfer of wealth from the amateurs to the professionals.

Don't let that happen to you again.

If you lost money in 2008-2009, make sure that you and your family are prepared this time.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to spot a bear market on the horizon
  • The best way to make money using put options
  • How to trade a bear market using stock index futures
  • An automated trading system (never before revealed) that profits from the high volatility of a bear market
  • 3 ways to know that a bear market is almost over
  • How to load up on undervalued stocks at the end of a bear market
  • And much, much more

  • Amazon best-selling author and retired hedge fund manager, Matthew Kratter will teach you the secrets that he has used to profitably trade the last 2 bear markets.

    These trading strategies are extremely powerful, and yet so easy to use.

    And if you ever get stuck, you can always reach out to the author by email (provided inside of the book), and he will help you.

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    I’ll summarize the three lessons from reading this:
    Step 1: sell stocks short
    Step 2: invest in bitcoin
    Step 3: don’t buy this “book”

    You’d better be served googling and doing any basic research on bear market trading

    - dante_moore

    I found this book very informative. It is very up to date and right for the time we are living in today. Though I would never short a stock I have used options to be on the downside of a stock or etf. I was always flying blind but now I think I might be a little more comfortable with puts if I follow the advice given here. Thanks.

    - payton_sanders

    Another Home Run, This time in the Bear Market. Matt just keeps giving us the Best that he has when it comes to beating the odds in the Stock market. I just hope he never stops providing all this great information. When I first began trading stocks, I was clueless. With Matt's books, I now feel more comfortable and positive on what I am doing when it comes to investing in stocks, Futures or Options. Wherever I am honing my skills in long term or short investments, my portfolio continues to rise. Thanks Matt!


    - keegan_rodriguez

    Matt writes clearly and simply, giving you the advice you need to make money. I have almost all his books and am taking his courses one at a time. He not only knows how to teach, he knows what he is talking about. His financial background is impressive (worked with magnate Peter Thiel) and he generously gives away all his secrets to his followers.

    - brynlee_moore

    I've bought a number of Matthew's books, and this one may be the most important one to date. As we've headed into a bear market due to a confluence of factors (including world-wide pandemic), one can still make money and protect their financial assets in this turbulent environment. Matthew outlines several very important strategies to accomplish this. A must read!

    - esmeralda_richardson

    This book provided good insight into the Bear Market of 2020.
    It was very helpful in developing a plan to capture some of wealth that will be exchanged during the Pandemic of 2020.

    - kora_alvarez

    Another great educational book from Matt, Kindle’s undisputed master of generosity when it comes to content! Strategies, experience, knowledge and also predictions fills all his books and not least this new version for bear market trading! A great buy!

    - darwin_young

    Quick and informational read that follows the author's YouTube videos. Solid tips and worth the hour of reading. This particular book of Kratter's is more useful for less conservative investor.

    - giovanna_perez

    I have several of matt's books, and have learned from all of them. I recommend them for further education

    - roy_torres

    Short, simple and to the point. All your books are just to the point and easy to understand . Thank you .

    - kamryn_williams

    Simple and easy to implement strategies. That's what I like from Mr.Kratter's books. Same for this book, and very actual with the behavior of the markets. The good thing is that if you already have knowledge about the markets you can still gain new perspectives from the strategies contained in the book. Still happy to read more from him.

    - analia_gomez

    Great book to read about bear markets. Easy & concise with practical strategies (like the 50/200) straight to the point.

    - anton_hughes

    Excellent analysis

    - ryker_walker

    Very Useful in share market.

    - layla_sanchez

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