Binocular Anomalies, 4th Edition (2 Volume Set ) [With CDROM]

Binocular Anomalies, 4th Edition (2 Volume Set ) [With CDROM]

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By: John R. Griffin and David J. Grisham

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Contents in two volumes, I. DIAGNOSIS: Normal binocular vision; Vision efficiency skills; Heterphoria case analysis; Strabismus testing; Sensory adaptations to strabismus; Diagnosis and prognosis; Types of strabismus; Other oculomotor disorders. II TREATMENT: Philosophies and principles of binocular vision therapy; Therapy for amblyopia; Anomalous correspondence therapy; Antisuppression therapy; Treatment of eso deviations; Treatment of exo deviations; Manageme nt of non-concomitant deviations and nystagmus; Therapy for vision efficiency skills; Appendices; Glossary.

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