Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

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Should be shown in Civics...:0 I know we don't teach that anymore. Absolute a goldmine documentary! I was born in 1955, the BPP already had it's zenith when I was in teens, but the momentum and effects were still strong and a buoy of hope that kept so many on the wave . I am proud of these radicals and lovers of mankind for having the courage to stand up against the oppression that remains even today. The energetic idea formed and remains forever: Power to the People because the key to human progress is us, not the current fake leaders and corporations that cast their unfortunate plans upon the weak and helpless of society, who have now sought to turn free speech into thought crime. The Black Panthers put intentions into action and caused many wonderful changes to take place. Of course there were failures too, but we must learn from our mistakes. Eternal vigilance we need a grassroots movement like BPP today to continue keeping the oppressors on guard, we are not free yet and especially people of color are extremely dis-empowered and like all mis or under represented at the highest levels of govt. Why is this? White supremacy and American Exeptionalism are two diseases we must find a cure for immediately if not sooner. As you are reading this Pres Trump may have already attacked Iran or invaded Venuzuela

- andi_hall

Wow! What a awesome documentary! This gives a fully-detail history of the Black Panther Party, From its founders Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton to All of its members that gave chilling recounts of how life was during the civil rights movement, it also gives startling details of the Government's (FBI'S) Plans to derail the BPP as well from police arrests to the brutal murder of Fred Hampton! This is a MUST SEE for anyone who believes in Soical justice in America!!

power to the people!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

- sawyer_patel

I had to watch this documentary for a cultural history class. I find it intriguing how history has so many different perspectives. This documentary started with the different ways the Black Panthers are perceived. I think it leaves out a lot because it's only one perspective that shares the story. That being said it's definitely informational and really awesome to hear from people who played Major roles in the Black Panther Party.

- karlee_white

Very violent, but that's their socialists agenda, no need for it in true Amercian history

- daisy_cooper

This DVD should be shown and the true history of the Black Panther Party should be taught in every high school in America.

- alisha_cook

Every one needs to know this story. An amazing and deep cutting documentary! Power to the people.

- reina_hernandez

I like how this documentary tells the rise and fall of this conversational group who stood to change the views of the world.

- derek_hill

I was a 12-year old starting junior high when the Black Panthers emerged. I remember seeing news reports about them and distinctly recall their "look" - the beautiful afros, the cool shades, and my favorite, the black leather jackets. Man, did the brothers look good! Of course, I also didn't understand a lot of what was going on initially and there was the non-violent camp that seemed to be in direct contrast to the upstart, weapon-wielding Panthers. This documentary chronicles all of that and more with in-depth interviews, newsreels and reports, lots and lots of film footage, and revelations of government actions that show the "seedy" side of democracy. This documentary should be required viewing in government, civics and political science classes from high school through college.

- myra_rodriguez

Glad to see that this documentary is released in HD.
A great restoration of the Black Panther's party history. Some may argue that there is historical information missing from this piece BUT it is well researched and yet does not try to be neutral or 'objective'. The filmmaker (Stanley Nelson Jr.) definitely takes his side which I personally very much respect and appreciate. I viewed the film at the cinema and I couldn't wait to watch it again. Great work.

- isabel_hall

absolutely fascinating documentary

- justice_jimenez

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