Bob Dylan for Clawhammer Banjo

Bob Dylan for Clawhammer Banjo

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By: Bob Dylan and Michael Miles

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(Banjo). 14 Dylan classics arranged specifically for clawhammer-style 5-string banjo, including: All Along the Watchtower * Blowin' in the Wind * Don't Think Twice, It's All Right * Hurricane * It Ain't Me Babe * Knockin' on Heaven's Door * Lay Lady Lay * Like a Rolling Stone * Mr. Tambourine Man * Positively 4th Street * Shelter from the Storm * Tangled up in Blue * The Times They Are A-Changin' * You Ain't Goin' Nowhere.
This is a book full of excellently done tabs for Bob Dylan in clawhammer banjo. The way the songs are tabbed out don't make it seem like the songs were "forced" into the necessary pattern for clawhammer style, they're all in standard tunings (G, D, Double C, and all along the watchtower is in D minor), and different rhythms that are great fun and fit inductively to the natural "bum ditty" groove of clawhammer. Rather, the tabs make it seem like the songs were meant to be played this way. Most tunes are easy enough for the intermediate player to work through, and to entertain fully the advanced player. Playing claw hammer banjo can get a little repetitive when all you're playing are folk tunes that all sound quite similar, and I found this book to be a great change of pace while staying true to the clawhammer style. I can't recommend this book enough for anybody who likes to play clawhammer banjo.

- renata_stewart

Michael Miles really is a wonderful composer AND creator of tabs for great songs.
This songs in this book are well tabbed, playable and just fun.

- callan_watson

Never knew Bob Dylan played Banjo, like all the songs in the book to learn by.

- camilla_davis

Step out of the "tried and true" in clawhammer and start down stroking some tunes by Bob.

- malachi_evans

Way to advanced for the average player, I've switched clawhammer about 4 years ago after30 plus years of three finger, and this too much for me, can't get the rhythm going

- summer_jackson

great gift for hubby

- skylar_davis

Good book

- jacob_martinez

I wish there were more clawhammer books with modern music.

- janessa_price

Bought electronic version sorry I did as it is hard to read

- veda_murphy


- kimberly_murphy

Great tablature, saves a lot of time learning a song

- briella_bennet

Awesome book easy to follow

- emmanuel_turner

Very happy with the book. The arrangements are true to clawhammer style. The kindle version print was too small to read

- hana_kim

Love Dylan's music. Great on banjo.

- hanna_nguyen

melodie peu insprirante

- ledger_reed

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