Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits

Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits

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By: Bob Dylan

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Great cd

- trey_murphy

Works of Art For The Ages!

- judith_rivera

The original rapper,he never could sing-just a cross between rap and a chant-but he put together words,thoughts,emotions,and music that is still current-I'd almost forgotten some of his songs,untill I saw them listed,and heard a sound bite-Bought a used copy-good price,quick delivery-HAPPY customer!!!

- ryan_martinez

My dad said the problem with this record when it came out, back in the day, was that it didn't have "Positively 4th Street" on it. The collectors, though, all had to have it because of the different cover. This version has three songs not included on the American version, "She Belongs to Me" and "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" from "Bringing it All Back Home," and "Sooner or Later," from "Blonde on Blonde." So what? "4th St." is still not on it and since any serious Dylan fan already owns "Bringing it All Back Home," and "Blonde on Blonde," there is no reason to buy this CD. Still the material is outstanding, so I'm giving it three stars anyway.

- jorge_torres

I knew exactly what to expect as only really bought the CD at a acceptable price to replace a worn cassette which I cannot respectably use any longer. By far my favorite and definitely the most often played of all my so called Dylan Greatest Hits compilations of which I have literally dozens!

- easton_rogers

When it comes to great artists from the last 60 + years I'd say Dylan tops the whole list.
From Blowin' In The Wind to Mr Tambourine Man To Like A Rolling Stone and others there's some amazing stuff here.
Unless you have all his early albums Greatest Hits is likely to whet the appetite for more from The Son And Dance Man.

- egypt_kelly

I bought this after recently switching the radio station I listen to and hearing a bit of Bob Dylan's music now and again (Dylan's music was rarely, if ever played on daytime Radio 1) I read reviews on various albums and decided on this one as it sounded good for an introduction to his music. I'm pleased I got this, I'd heard most of the tracks before and thought it was a good well rounded pick of songs. It's great when you don't want anything heavy, and long after you've switched it off, you find yourself still absent mindedly singing away to yourself.

- rosa_bailey

Bob Dylan is one of those iconic musical figures whom I had always intended to listen to, but somehow I had never got round to doing so. Buying his greatest hits album seemed like a good introduction and it proved to be so. I hadn't really appreciated what a fabulous song writer he is - so many great songs all on the same album. I loved the album and intend to buy more Dylan albums. I want to hear some of his later work as well as his early stuff. Bob Dylan should be part of everyone's musical education and mine is just beginning.

- kaylani_reed

In his early days it seems that there was some question as to whether Dylan would be well received! His voice was unique, and thankfully he has left us music like this to enjoy.

Have to admit to not liking every song that he sang, but I,m sure I,m not on my own here when I say that. We all have our favourites.
For me 'I want you', has always been mine - Thoroughly enjoyed.

- livia_allen

Fast delivery. Received in perfect condition. Love the album. 100% recommend

- ronald_reyes

Arrived in days, I had this on tape, now have it on CD, Thanks

- kimber_brown

I ordered this item for my mums birthday.delighted to receive it on date promised.but disappointed because cd case is cracked

- aubriella_harris

As described

- skylar_campbell

sing along

- markus_allen


- lisa_wood

What can I say on this!!!??? I love Bob Dylan and this CD is just brilliant. My husband adores it and he is younger than me and Bob Dylan's early days were not really his era. Its got an excellent collection of songs and I would recommend this CD every time.

- kyla_mendoza

Oh how this CD brings back memories of the 70s! Having never owned a Bob Dylan CD before I thoroughly enjoy not only listening to his originality but the memories these songs evoke - love it. Not much of a review, granted - but then I'm in reminisce mode - sorry!

- kendra_walker

Bought as a present but my son says its fab

- catalina_reyes

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