Bob Dylan In Concert: Brandeis University 1963

Bob Dylan In Concert: Brandeis University 1963

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By: Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan in Concert: Brandeis University 1963. A short but very nice album that features Dylan doing some remarkable versions of some of his Anti-War and Pro-Civil Rights hits. Odd to hear people give a sort of non-committal applause for a few of the songs, then give a huge accolade for Masters of War, which many of them had just heard for the first time! It shows one thing, in those days the audiences LISTENED to the music and what it was saying. It was important. Dylan was not a big star yet. It seems to be almost a "practice run" at being "The Voice of His Generation" There is a little humility and even timidity in the performance. Not the raucous and sometimes high-handed Bob of later years when he was a major superstar. One gets the real atmosphere of this small stage performance before people who were there to see what Dylan was bringing to the table. Whether he liked it or not it was performances like these that made him the Voice of His Generation whether he liked it or not. He always wants to be out of the limelight, but it was apparent at this concert that he had something to say, not just as a performer, but as a thoughtful part of a growing movement he was leading. this is a delightful "Must Have" for any Dylan-O-Phile. Titles include:Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance, Talkin' John Birch Society Blues, Ballad of Hollis Brown, masters of War,Talkin' World War III Blues, Bob Dylan's Dream,Talkin' and Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues.

- thea_morgan will want to own this. It starts off ugly, joining the first song in progress, and giving you only 2 minutes until it's conclusion. After that, 6 more songs which was probably Dylan's primary song list at the time, ending with the dated Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues, not the most exciting of songs to end on. BUT, when you look back at this discs' place in history, a fledgling young man with harmonica and guitar, who could have been just another student, but instead would become the voice of a generation, then it is an essential artifact of the time. Well worth the small amount charged for this CD.

- theo_ruiz

it is very easy to see what the excitement was all about.

- jace_gray

Woah!! I could listen to this over and over. It really captures the feeling of being at the concert. You really get to hear what Bob is like through an onstage listening experience. For Dylan fans; this is a must-have!

- serena_wilson

What a charming moment at the outset of a singular career! Dylan aficionados should cherish this album.

- albert_robinson

A very Young Bob Dylan. Happy to have this Cd. Arrived in time in good condition.

- jerry_parker

I recommend this CD without reservation. It contains classic, original, Bob Dylan sound. It's purity is wonderful.......... the MC refers to "Bobby Dylan"....

- renee_rogers

This reminds me very much of my youth and listening to Dylan on a mates Dansette after the pub. I remember it and am sure I was actually there!

- gabriela_richardson

This is a recording, as the title suggests, of a Dylan concert at Brandeis University in May 1963. It remained lost for almost 50 years and has never been released before, not even as a bootleg. On the evidence here Dylan was, even at this early stage of his career, both a confident and an accomplished live performer. The audience are really receptive and Dylan gives them plenty of laughs particularly on the anti-communist mocking 'Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues'. Just 21 years old, Dylan was fast becoming a phenomenon - his mature lyrics and song writing skills putting him in a league of his own, as evidenced on the extraordinary 'Masters of War'.

Opener 'Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance' is incomplete (it has a very brief fade in) and there are three talkin' blues songs. The sound quality over all is very good but it does suffer slightly on 'Talkin' World War III Blues' and the first half of 'Bob Dylan's Dream' (Dylan is heard asking at the end of 'Talkin' World War III Blues' if a microphone is plugged in which probably explains why).

Clocking in at 38 minutes and housed in a standard jewel case, this is essential listening for Dylan aficionados.

- mohammad_morris

A professional tape found in the archives in 2009 that was recorded in at the above in Massachusetts during a folk festival in May 1963. Bob was just 21, he had yet to release the album that would make him a star and Kennedy was still the President.

Referred to as 'Bobby' on stage and the gig runs less than 40 minutes, however its a real charmer.

'With hungry hearts through the heat and cold
We never much thought we could get very old
We thought we could sit forever in fun
And our chances really was a million to one'

- micah_miller

I bought this album for my Husband and he is over the moon with it. It is brilliant!!!

- mckenna_turner

Just fantastic Bob ... pity it's not the whole show of course!

- kylie_wilson

Great songs by the best artist

- hailee_ramos

Good cred

- giovanna_perez

Für "Dylanologen" ist die Veröffentlichung solcher beinah fünfzig Jahre alten Aufnahmen wohl vergleichbar mit der Bergung eines verloren geglaubten Schatzes vom Meeresgrund. Eigentlich fast mehr noch, denn man wußte ja nicht einmal, daß dieser Schatz am Meeresboden lag. Ein Schatz insofern, weil es sich um den letzten Live-Mitschnitt von Dylan handelt, der unmittelbar vor Veröffentlichung des legendären zweiten Albums "The freewheelin' Bob Dylan" aufgenommen wurde, also wohl ziemlich das letzte Konzert eines dem breiten Publikum völlig unbekannten Bob Dylan. Ohne blasphemisch sein zu wollen, wenn man Dylan als Gott aller Songwriter betrachtet, dann wären solche Aufnahmen vergleichbar mit dem Fund von Bibel-Passagen aus der Zeit bevor Gott die Erde schuf. Etwas übertrieben, ich geb es zu. Aber nur so läßt sich ansatzweise einem normalen Menschen - also nicht Dylanologen - erklären, warum sich erwachsene Menschen über eine knapp 40 minütige, zwar gut restaurierte, aber doch hörbar angestaubte Live-Aufnahme, die abrupt mitten im ersten Lied anfängt (die erste Hälfte des ersten Liedes "Honey just allow me" fehlt), fast genauso freuen, wie über eine erhebliche Gehaltserhöhung. Ich kann es keinem normalen Menschen verübeln, wenn er sich nach Hören dieser Platte denkt, jedes aktuelle Demo einer Hobbyband aus Pinneberg klingt aufregender. Wie aus meinen umständlichen Rechtfertigungsversuchen, einer hier und da sicherlicher unrationalen Begeisterung für Bob Dylan und alles was er je ins Mikrofon gehustet hat, herauszulesen ist, diese Platte ist nichts für Gelegenheits-Dylan-Hörer. Für Fans ist sie ein Juwel. Und es hat mich wirklich Kraft gekostet, nur vier Sterne zu vergeben.

- xiomara_mitchell

Sehr intensive Performance des erst 21-jährigen Dylan. Schade, dass nicht mehr komplette Songs damals aufgenommen wurden. Daher ein kurzer 35 Minuten langer Trip.

- remi_carter

Not the best sound quality and the songs have been seen before in more controlled settings, but if you are a completist you will want this to fill a space. If you are not a huge Bob fan then the "Bootleg" series album from the same time period is superior. The mis-steps on stage and the nuances of wording and phrasing are always fascinating to listen to with Dylan; such expression!

- salma_murphy

Disco storico, bellissimo, sono molto soddisfatto

- catalina_reyes

il Seguente Prodotto è Consigliato il Cd si Sente Molto Bene
sicuramente lo Consiglio a chi è Interessato .. Buon Ascolto

- itzel_ruiz

Bob Dylan live from his earlier folky days is a matter of great joy.

- kennedy_edwards

Da gusto escuchar estos temas cuando aun estaban casi "en gestación", y que a pesar de eso ya eran grandes. Al escucharlos tan limpios, tan desnudos los vemos en toda su grandeza.

- kira_kim

Concierto histórico por ser ejemplo de lo q hacía Dylan antes del estrellato. Un poco corto en duración

- robert_cook

I am still not a big fan of Bob Dylan, but I do like some of his stuff. This is for sure one of my favorites. The recording is remarkably high quality, considering that it was done on a small tape recorder in 1963. The remastering engineers must have done an incredible job.

- kate_howard

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