Bob Dylan - Ukulele Chord Songbook

Bob Dylan - Ukulele Chord Songbook

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By: Bob Dylan

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(Ukulele). A unique collection of 100 classic songs from Bob Dylan's impressive 50-years-and-counting recording career, specially arranged for ukulele with easy-to-read chord boxes and full lyrics. Songs include: All Along the Watchtower * Blowin' in the Wind * Chimes of Freedom * Don't Think Twice, It's All Right * Duquesne Whistle * Forever Young * I Shall Be Released * It's All Over Now, Baby Blue * Just Like a Woman * Knockin' on Heaven's Door * Lay, Lady, Lay * Like a Rolling Stone * Make You Feel My Love * Masters of War * Mr. Tambourine Man * The Times They Are A-Changin' * This Wheel's on Fire * Visions of Johanna * and more.
This book only contains chords and lyrics. Granted that might be expected based on the book's title, but for an authorized book, I'd expect it to at least show time signatures, beats per measure, and measures. As it is, this book doesn't offer anything over song sheets that can be (legally) downloaded from numerous sites. And per another review, the pages are small and the book thick, which makes it difficult to read as you're playing (unlike downloadable song sheets). I also own "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Complete" which is for guitar. Although the guitar chord diagrams (i.e., fingerings) aren't helpful for ukulele players, that book has the chords, melody (notes), measures, etc. As a ukulele player, I prefer it over this book.

- tate_gomez

Great collection

- dakota_allen

Has all the songs I needed.

- tenley_rivera

Great songbook to use with my new ukulele! Condition was very good, as advertised.

- alan_collins

Perfect just have to practise now

- ryan_nelson

My complaint has nothing to do with content. The problem is physical format. It's small, and it's thick. Not good for propping up in any way. Needs to be made into standard or slightly oversized--and spiral bound!

- bronson_price

Firstly and unforgivably, this book should have been ring bound because is is rather chunky and small and you will have to place weights on the pages to keep it open for playing, (Rubbish, get a grip Mr Publisher)
The content is very good with all the verses and chord shapes on the song pages.These songs have NOT been transcribed to easy chords for ukulele. Not for beginners - some very tricky bar chords and lots of fast changes for a tight uke fretboard.
On the plus side my uke playing has improved because of the finger gymnastics and I can now play dozens of very obscure chords with very long impressive names. I can't remember them, but I CAN play them- if the page stays open.

- teagan_howard

I had the guitar version of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, but I had mislaid it. This book is good but there appear to be some glaring errors. I can always remember the alphabetical ordering of "Times They Are a Changing, The" in the guitar book. In this book, "I want you" appears before "I pity the poor immigrant".... and then the first chord of "I want you" seems incorrect. Still, they are painting the passports brown!

- natasha_morgan

This was a gift and she absolutely loves it. All her favourite songs have been earmarked in order of playing.

- arturo_morgan

Good song selection, Easy to use

- johanna_roberts

Exactly what it says on the cover - just add skill.

- jayden_allen

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