Bob Dylan: A Life In 37 Albums

Bob Dylan: A Life In 37 Albums

Posted by leeshkay | Published 10 months ago

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By: David Redford

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A biography of Bob Dylan, told through the prism of his 37 studio albums, from 1962 to 2017. As well as 37 short essays on each record, there is also an afterword that attempts to rank all of Dylan’s albums from best to worst.
I'm sure that many Dylan fans would find this all a little superficial and not offering anything new. Nevertheless I found it a pleasant run through of the studio albums. Nice to have an illustration of each cover; an actual listing of the individual tracks would have been nice.

Mr Redford mentions many of the tracks recorded at the time which ended on the cutting room floor, destined for the Bootlegs. But as said, nothing new for the experts, but I found the information and opinions expressed quite entertaining.

All in all worth the price.

- camilla_davis

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