Bolter 4 Pack Men's Everyday Cotton Blend Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Bolter 4 Pack Men's Everyday Cotton Blend Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I bought these for my husband because I want him to graduate from graphic tees to adult tees. They are constructed so well and buttery soft. I love love love the colors and they didn’t shrink on first wash. I will be purchasing these again and I look forward to trying a different color choice.

- caden_thompson

I had previously ordered this item twice (size L, black, 100% cotton), and this third order is significantly different.

These shirts are billed as more of a slim-fitting cut, and that's what I LOVED about my first two orders.

The third order is a completely different cut--the shirts are boxy, and make me look like I weigh about twenty pounds more than I do.

HUGE disappointment. Plus, I washed them, hoping desperately that they would shrink to match the previous orders, which fit me just right, but no dice, and no chance that I can return them.

Waste of money, misleading, however they used to do things, they've changed--don't make the mistake I did!

- lucy_phillips

Not really seller's fault, but the hem stitching did NOT have a bobbin thread. Therefore, after the first wash, the top threads came out and it looks like crap, with the hem all rolled up instead of having a crisp fold (i.e. the entire point of having a hem). Considering this product was made in Nicaragua, in some slave labor sweat shop where quota is all that matters, not too surprising, but disappointing. I don't expect the seller to inspect every item they sell, but this can't be the first time poor quality reared its ugly head.
Shirts are soft, as described, but the poor quality of the stitching makes me not like this product as much as I would otherwise.

- rhett_richardson

These shirts run really small by US standards. Plus notice they are 100% COTTON which says shrinkage from the start. I purchased these in a 2XX to allow for shrinking size. However, my son in law still could not wear them as they were still too small. Quiet disappointed as these were one of his Xmas gifts so I felt as small as these shirts when he couldn’t even use them. There are less expensive but “U GET WHAT U PAY FOR” holds true yet again!!!

- samir_jackson

Decent shirts, I think they are more of a "Euro fit". I am usually a medium, but the mediums here have a tight fit in the upper body. If you have broad shoulders or thick biceps I would recommend ordering a size up.

- roman_price

I bought two different color sets from this company and the colors don't look much like they do in the pictures shown in either set, I bought the 'earth tone' pack and the shirts don't look so "heathery" at all, and two of the colors look almost identical in person... the fit is super nice and lightweight (nice for the summer) so that's why i'm deciding to keep

all in all very decent product but kind of misleading....

- rylan_long

I am 5.9/185 and the Heather M size t-shirts are a little short for me lengthwise, for cold days to keep it more pantswise. Wished to be 3 inches longer. 3 T-shirts cut shorter comparing to 4th one.
The texture is soft and warm. Looks good on me. I like it.

Ordered 4 more with strawberry color included. Feels great, but expect, that the colors and fiber contents may not be delivered as images suggest.

- russell_williams

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