Borden Chantry: A Novel

Borden Chantry: A Novel

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By: Louis L'Amour, Erik Singer, et al.

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The marshal's name was Borden Chantry. Young, lean, rugged, he's buried a few men in this two-bit cow town - every single one killed in a fair fight. Then, one dark, grim day a mysterious gunman shot a man in cold blood. Five grisly murders later, Chantey was faced with the roughest assignment of his life - find that savage, trigger-happy hard case before he blasts apart every man in by bloody one.

Borden Chantry another rancher/town sheriff who was only twenty-four years old. The life in the west caused you to mature quickly.
A good plot lots of intrigue and mystery, people were murdered by an unknown killer. Borden had to figure out who was during the killings and why.
Lots of arroyos, empty buildings and buildings roof tops that were used to drygulch a body if you had a mind to do so. Bord's life was at stake someone in town wanted him dead. The reasons unknown, but who ever this drygulcher was he wasn't wasting any time.
Find yourself a comfortable chair, sofa or whatever makes you comfortable I guarantee you will not put this book down until your finished. Only taking time to get yourself an iced tea or coffee to really relax..Ride easy everyone🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

- myles_lopez

My grandfather used to read me to sleep when I was little and this book was read when I was maybe four years old so the memory is fuzzy around the edges. I honestly can't say if I figured out the killer so quickly because I remembered from the original reading or if the killer was just that obvious. I did pinpoint the killer the third or fourth time that the character appeared in the story, which was closer to the beginning of the book rather than the end, but I may have known what to look for in this western whodunit.

I did enjoy the story, maybe because I associate the book with my grandpa. Parts of the story read so much like the dialogue of old TV westerns (which were frequently playing in the background of my childhood) that it's hard for me to not be nostalgic about this book.

- silas_martin

I have read many Louie L'amour books. This story has a good plot and is a little different than other stories L'Amour wrote. Borden Chantry discovers he has a knack for being an excellent sleuth as a new sheriff in his own town. He's looking for a murderer and wanting to prevent a revenge war from another family related to the murdered.

- solomon_kim be average among all the books Louis L'Amour wrote is to be better than 99.999% of all Western novels ever written. If you read a lot, you're probably familiar with LL. If you haven't read anything by LL then you should stop telling people you read a lot, because LL has written so many great books (and not all Westerns by any means), that to never have read a Louis L'Amour book is just...well...a travesty. I read somewhere that John Wayne once said that his favorite movie in which he starred was Hondo by LL.

What more can I say, but maybe, for some quality control, I should say they my favorite Western book that went to the Big Screen was not written by LL, it was written by Larry McMurtry, it is Lonesome Dove. So, while I do love and respect LL, he is not the only "great" Western novelist.

- nathanael_campbell

I have now read over 100 of mr. L’Amour’s books. This one stands out because it is different mold. More of a mystery novel with a L’Amour western twist.
Kept you guessing right up to the end. This could be read again, and still be bringing you along for a good ride.

- aliya_perez

This is one of the most enjoyable L'Amour novels I have read. Borden is not a talkative person, more given to thinking things through at length. However, his thoughts are not so repetitive as Bendigo Shafter's. That may be a reflection of the age difference in the two men, but a break for the reader. I got tired of Ben's "what should I do?" soliloquies. Borden uses his methodical approach to advantage and solves the cases without too much gore, like a good marshal should.

- jesus_baker

This is another L'Amour great read. Highly recommend it. I have added to my collection along with many others. Looking forward to reading another.

- giuliana_rogers

When I picked up this book to read, I was sure that I'd read it once before. Well, I hadn't so it was a special treat for me. Great murder mystery that I couldn't figure out until our hero did. So far I haven't found a Louis L'Amour book that wasn't worth 5 stars. Great reading for any age. I always learn something new in every story. Things that help me even in this day and age. Enjoy!

- adaline_richardson

This is a first-rate who-done-it mystery set in the Wild West instead of, say, New York, London or Oxford. It is far removed from the 'normal' western formula and is unlike any Louis L'Amour book that I have read so far. This is a very enjoyable read and is highly recommended.

- canaan_adams

Good read as good as first time many moons ago.

- eli_turner

Another excellent story from the king of western authors. I would recommend this novel to all western lovers as it shows all the good points of a master writer at work.

- madisyn_gray

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