Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World

Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World

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By: Steve Randazzo

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Build Connections + Stand Out in a Digitally Cluttered World!
Are your marketing efforts not bringing in the results you hoped? Are you struggling to make meaningful connections with your customers? Well, Brand Experiences by Steve Randazzo may just be the book you've been looking for. 

The truth is...
Every day, humans are bombarded by marketing messages.  By some accounts, over 4,000 per day! Think about it, what social posts do you remember from yesterday?  This morning? Our brains are being trained to only pay attention for less than 8 seconds and then move on to the next message.  So, as a brand marketer, how do you get your brand to stand out and get the attention it needs and deserves. 
The simple answer is by building a memorable experience around your brand.
While content may be king, the online kingdom is overly crowded. Your consumers are inundated with advertisements every time they log on to their computers - and those that slip through ad blockers tend to get "skipped" or flat-out ignored, depending on the medium.
No wonder it is hard to stand out!

Think about your brand for a minute.  Does one of these sound like you?
  • Is your brand struggling to stand out in a really crowded market?

  • Is your marketing stuck in the past?  Are you looking for a strategy that will drive tangible ROI?

  • You know more people would buy your brand if they could just experience it.

  • When people understand how valuable your brand is, they buy it.

  • Once people buy your brand, they become loyal.
With this being the reality, it has never been more important for brands to provide consumers with engaging, emotionally stimulating experiences they will not want to avoid - and science proves that experiential marketing holds the ticket to achieving this goal! 

If this is resonating at all, this book has 9 chapters to help YOU achieve the attention, sales, engagement, and differentiation you crave.

Seriously, pick up this book today and start learning about how to get the attention in the marketplace your brand deserves. 
If you do, your brand's story will be memorable and long-lasting.
You will also gain fresh perspective strategies utilized by recognizable brands such as The Walt Disney Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, NBA, Tractor Supply Company, REI, Patagonia, Corona, Budweiser, Adidas, and more. 

Oh, one more thing.

Brand Experiences by Steve Randazzo will teach you how to last as a brand with upcoming and current generations. To insert yourself right in the middle of the word of mouth, activism, and trends. 

Through this easy read, you will gain a driver's-seat view to the lessons learned and relevant examples of Steve Randazzo's, president of Pro Motion Inc., 30 years of experience.

Steve explains why and how - today more than ever - YOU need to educate, engage, and inspire your target audiences through experiential marketing.  

What are you waiting for? 

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The book was very well written, I felt it did a good job of balancing practical advice and personal antidotes. I've read marketing books before but this was my first experiential book. I really liked the idea that was consistent throughout about helping potential customers explore, learn and try new things rather than "$ell, $ell, $ell" which can be a turnoff for me in marketing books. My biggest takeaways from the book were: - As someone wanting to design experiences, the actual visual part and physical experience, I can't just focus on the artistic aspects. I liked the idea of "not selling milkshakes at a lactose intolerance convention." Makes a lot of sense, to design a meaningful experience I gotta start with studying the people and their habits, not just coming up with what I think is an amazing and beautiful experience. - Think outside the box, always, on experiences. I loved hearing you describe projects you'd worked on in the past. It helped confirm in my mind that this is something that really does excite me, and they sounded like projects I would love to be a part of. - Finally, I enjoyed the emphasis on giving back and sparking people to action in the final section. I love advertising and creating. I love connecting people with brands, but I can feel a bit gross at times just trying to push stuff on people. I liked the component about inspiring people to do more beyond the experience. Overall, it was a great introduction into some of the foundations to the industry, and what kind of thinking goes into these projects. My next steps will probably be looking for more technical information about what skills I need, and the processes behind the actual creation.

- aron_chavez

As someone who has survived the world of experiential marketing for almost a decade, I can attest to the fact that there may be no other who is more qualified to 'write the book' on the topic than Steve Randazzo. This book is informative and entertaining. Steve tells stories with a point, and really opens up the world of experiential marketing through - what else - his experiences! Absolute essential reading for anyone in the field, or anyone just curious about it.

- prince_hall

The author has produced a highly readable and information packed book which will serve marketing students and professionals well.
Experiential marketing creates brand loyalty by involving the customer, cutting through the noise to the essential signal. His career has been about developing relationships that last and having fun while doing so!

- scarlett_moore

As a marketer myself, I was skeptical of the value that I'd derive from the book. I'm happy that didn't stop me from reading – there are a lot of insights, perspectives and tactics I hadn't considered before, that I hope to adapt and put to use in my own ventures.

- linda_davis

I work within measuring the success of live experiential events and campaigns with technology and found this book to be extremely insightful. Steve speaks about creating meaningful experiences designed to resonate with attendees and builds long-lasting connections and brand advocates. Truly a great read for anyone in the experiential space or for someone who is trying to more authentically engage with their audience.

- jonathan_diaz

I have been in the advertising business for more then 20 years, so this experimental marketing book really interested me from the moment I heard about. The Author background and experiences in the business are interesting and very informative. If you are looking for great ideas on how to uniquely market your business and make it really stand out, he has some unbelievable experiences to help you build your brand!

- courtney_mitchell

I’m a new marketing professional and this was my first introduction to the world of experiential marketing. Steve’s conversational tone and real-life examples made this a fun, easy read and I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into practice.

- jaxon_baker

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