Bridget Jones's Diary [Blu-ray]

Bridget Jones's Diary [Blu-ray]

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This first one in the Bridget Jones trilogy is a wonderful little film that warms the heart of anyone who has felt insecure about their physical attractiveness and concern over a loving and meaningful, intimate relationship passing them by because they do not live up to the cultural expectations of beauty. While this is not the most progressive female point of view, the film (and the whole trilogy for that matter) takes the viewer on a funny and enlightening roller coaster ride as Bridget Jones actually grows into a confident and personally fulfilled woman. Renee Zellweger does an expert turn as the insecure, yet plucky, slightly overweight woman who longs for love and acceptance. Colin Firth (as the very proper and successful barrister, jokingly named Mark Darcy - after the very romantic character, Mr. Darcy, a role Firth played in the PBS classic version of "Pride and Prejudice") and Hugh Grant (as the proverbial bad boy) both do an excellent job as Bridget's potential love interests. All in all, the film is great fun!

- koda_rogers

I’m not much for romantic comedies, but I’ve been watching this on & off for nearly 20 years now, and it is sort of a comfort thing for me. It’s nice to watch something that’s not sleazy, not trashy or graphic, but still relatable & funny- and where everything is ok in the end. I think this will always be one of my favorite movies to snuggle up with for a peaceful night in.

- abel_rivera

i will first of all state that as a millennial, intersectional feminist this movie immediately offended my core values-- but it is one of the best movies i've ever seen and i will continue to rewatch it. observing it with a modern eye you can obviously spot sexism, sexual harassment, women falling for men who don't seem to deserve them -- but the message is much deeper than that. regardless of the decade personal relationships are nuanced and feminism can offer insight to that without changing the fact that this is an insightful and beautiful piece of art, depicting how the 2001-era woman who was challenged by love and under-appreciated professionally viewed life. Her societal value was not centered around her personality or skills, but rather around her relationship and reproductive status. bridget jones's diary addresses these tough topics head-on and almost sarcastically, as few pieces do, and ensured that while this was a rom-com her self-worth did not actually fall upon a man or society's expectations of her. this movie also did a great job of tongue-in-cheek addressing sexism, inappropriate behavior from "uncles", sexual harassment, double standards, power imbalances and the struggles of even successful, long-lasting marriages. i think this film was far beyond its time and its reputation shows that. renee zellweger was the perfect bridget and i'm so so happy to have seen this series. all in all -- watch this, reflect, ask your mom about her experiences as a 30-something, and then watch the next two films. young people might not know as much as we think we do but addressing complex, masked pieces such as this can help us expand our mindset.

- kinsley_collins

Not very often do I say that the movie was better than the book, but I do in the case of "Bridget Jones' Diary."

While the book was okay -- can't remember if I reviewed it yet, but I'd give it three stars -- I really can't figure out how someone was able to adapt the story into this great movie, which I've watched more times than I can remember. I'm a huge P & P fan, and I just feel that the movie portrayed the relationship between Bridget and Mr. Darcy much better than the book. In fact, in the book, I kept skimming, wondering, "Where's Mr. Darcy?"

The movie ending was so much better, too; although, I can see where the author was going for her version of Lydia running off with Mr. Wickham in the book, using Bridget's mom and Mr. Tangerine.

Anyway, the movie is a hoot, definitely worth a watch! Renee Zellweger does a wonderful job. By the time you get to the end, you're rooting for a happily ever after, one of the reasons I'm not sure if I want to see the new release. I just can't imagine that Bridget has more doubts.

- lexie_brooks

My Mom and I decided we wanted to go see Bridget Jones' Baby in theaters, so we had to do a little marathon to catch up. I loved this movie because I thought that the way it was written and they way Zellweger delivered was very fluid. I was a film major so I can get very critical about what I watch which has since ruined some classics for me, but I can easily say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Everyone should watch it.

- rylee_brown

You either love Bridget Jones or you hate it and I love it. I watched it so many times on the television I just had to purchase a copy for myself. I originally purchased this film on VHS Video and after replacing the machine for the third time purchased DVD player so then had to replace all my videos. This film was at the top of my list and when I had a chance to purchase it at a reduced price I did so. Its not just a chic flick it is for all the family. I love it and have watched it so many times I might even have to replace it soon as I am sure it is going to start wearing a bit think. Also purchased the next saga Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Second films not usually so good but this one is. Recommend both of them especially if they are reduced. Bargain.

- myra_rodriguez

I know these films have had some poor reviews, but I have found them funny and entertaining. It really doesn't matter to me that the plots to both films are similar. Anyone who has been seduced by the wrong man and who has turned down the good one and lived to regret it, will enjoy being able to laugh about it. Good endings too (I cannot stand a miserable ending) A heartfelt young womans love story, and there are very few good ones around in my opinion.

- jace_gray

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