Budget Pick

Budget Pick

Posted by shubhamarora9878 | Published 7 months ago

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I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about purchasing these knee braces. The price was a little too good to believe and on top of that, it was a pack two which I thought was a typo. Well when I got them in the mail, I wore them the next day at work and I was very pleased with how well they gave me support. As a Corrections Officer, I'm on my feet all day, walking on concrete so needless to say that my knees and feet take a beating. I also still love to play pickup basketball even at 40 years young so the braces are pulling double duty and they're going strong!!! They're comfortable and the material is completely breathable. So in closing, when or if I need new ones, these will be the ones that I'll will get. Very satisfied with my purchase and I recommend them to anyone looking for an inexpensive alternative for some of the more advertised brands.

- silas_martin

I bought this item because I needed additional support for my injured knee and support for my other knee because it has been under pressure as a result of the injury. based on the measurements I chose the XL but once receiving it I noticed it fit exactly for that measurement like a sock but I needed more compression. Cambivo was very receptive and help with getting a smaller size giving me the hug I needed.
With the adjusted size it I go to the gym or to martial arts intense class and the sleeve stays in place! no sliding down no need to put or tug through my clothes. Its awesome!
Stays in place, moves with you and feels like its apart of you

You probably have to get a size smaller for a nice hug that doesnt move. It initially feels slightly itchy where the silicon touches your skin but that feeling goes away as you get active and start sweating

I support this sleeve with great confidence, Something I never knew I needed! Thanks Cambivo, I will definitey buy from you guys again

- esteban_ramirez

I had ordered the Large size and when it arrived I tried it on but it was too big. So I had received an email from the vendor asking me how the product ifit my need and for my feedback. Before thinking of returning the product i was going to wash it and hoping it will shrink. They had saved me by emailing me, i responded to the email and explained the problem. They answered my email right away next day, and wanting to send the replacement right away and told me to keep the original. They didn't have to do that but willing to and doing the right thing without asking questions even though it was my mistake. Now I have the right size and fit perfectly. The product feels and looks heavy duty and good quality materials. Been wearing for 2 days now and given me great support on my knees. I live in Las Vegas Nevada, it seems that it helping with sweat or heating up on the back of my knee. Also, when i am sitting on a chair it doesn't pinch or feels any discomfort pain back of my knees. Almost forgot i even have it on. Thank you Shering and Cambivo team. I will be ordering more products from them.

- analia_gomez

I tried physio, chiropractor, for the excruciating pain ffrom runners knee which was unbearable at times, and affected my everyday life. That only worked temporarily. I was prescribed a knee brace which I could not wear all the time, it was bulky. I needed something I could wear without anyone noticing it and I could bend my knee as well.
I picked the Cambivo knee brace because it had been approved by FDA.
Since the day it arrived I have never looked back. It made the knee pain vanish. It’s comfortable to wear, you soon forget you have it on. It has allowed me to go out and carry on with my everyday life and I have never had the excruciating pain again. I have been telling all my friends about it. The fact that you get a pair, helps a lot and it’s very inexpensive. Company is great to deal with as well. I am so happy I got it right before the holidays so I could get out and about.

- derek_hill

I’ve tried different types of knee braces and Cambivo works great. They’re very comfortable and really have helped my knee pain. I no longer have knee pains after working all day and being on my feet. The grip at the top keeps them from sliding and I can bend my knees without cutting off circulation. I would highly recommend these.

- keagan_kelly

They work for me! I'm a 65 yr old man with severe arthritis in my left knee and less in my right knee. There were times when I was walking and my knee would collapse on me with terrible pain, with these braces I wear them all day and they really do help without slipping down. I am going to hand wash and air dry them so so it wont beat the crap out of them in the wash machine and dryer.

- alan_collins

These compression knee sleeves are well made and looks good. Used them twice on hikes on off road trails. The first time the tops work there way down and gets bunched up just above the knee cap area. Kept pulling them up to no avail. Ended up taking them off towards end of hike. The second time I rolled the top elastic bands down a couple of times to where they stopped sliding down on the first hike. This worked but was tighter on the top. The sliding down makes sense to me in that as your walking the muscle flexing of the quadriceps and hamstrings pushes the sleeve down towards the knee cap. If these knee sleeves were shortened on top by about 2 or 3 inches to where the elastic band sits just above the knee cap would eliminate the sliding issue. Don’t know if other people have had this same issue? Will continue to use them.

- kenneth_moore

I've been through a couple of knee surgeries and remain pretty active (cross-fit, running, etc). I've noticed over the last couple of years that I've lost a little bit of mobility in my knees and that when I'm running it takes a little bit longer to settle into a stride due to the knee issues (stiffness, discomfort). On a whim, I decided to look for a pair of knee sleeves to see if it would help. I found these and decided to give them a try. I've now run twice while wearing them and done one cross-fit workout in them. They have done wonders and my discomfort is greatly reduced. I would definitely buy these again. Great product (especially for the price).

- jay_wood

Wow, I didn't expect much from these sleeves. My last knee brace sleeve had a rubber donut to stabilize and give the kneecap some rest. Also the size usually isn't exactly right most of the time. BUT theses sleeves are great. After pulling them on I noticed the fit was almost perfect (I ordered extra large) after 5 minutes both knees were pain free.. I didn't even need to pop a painkiller. The other night I woke up from my knee pain I slid the sleeves on and 10 minutes later was back asleep. I wish they had something similar for when my back acts up. Buy these sleeves they work for me.

- jana_martinez

My so called golden years include the beginnings of knee osteoarthritis. It was particularly painful during evening walks with our still in training 40 pound puppy. She frequently stopped suddenly for sniffs followed by powerful tugs to explore. On again, off again, my body weight would twist and shift putting additional strain and pain on my knees. The Cambivo knee compression braces completely eliminated that pain. I am very impressed and relieved. The price was better than anything else I could find, even offers direct from China. The fit was a little tight, understandable due to swelling. That should improve with time. On the negative side avoid wearing shorts. My wife had difficulty stopping her rude laughter. They look goofy but feel wonderful! Get some!

- raymond_castillo

Fantastic product. I used it for tennis and this is the first brace where I was not “aware”
of it while I played. My thigh measurement was 17 and I originally ordered medium. I had to change that to small, and the small fit nice and snug. No movement or sliding. I could really feel the support. No knee soreness the day after playing for the first time in a long time.

- adelina_jones

nach einer Überbelastung vom Sport hatte ich schmerzen im Knie. Für ein sicheres gehen und Wohlbefinden habe ich mir die Bandage gekauft. Ich trage Größe S bei 1,63 Größe und 55 kg
kann ich auf jeden Fall empfehlen!

- fisher_cook

Hatte das Produkt gemäß Maßtabelle 2018 in "L", jedoch zu eng Größe "XL" sitzt dagegen sehr gut, obwohl sie für mich zu weit sein müsste. Gut Stützfunktion bei meiner initialen Kniearthrose, keine Falten in der Kniekehle. Für einige Stunden Tragedauer eine gute Hilfe. Entsprechend Kaufdatum sind keine Aussagen zur Dauerhaltbarkeit möglich.

- matteo_gray

Mein Knie hat leider einen "Totalschaden". Ein neues Kniegelenk möchte ich einfach noch nicht (zu jung). Eine große Orthese habe ich bereits im Einsatz. Es gibt aber immer mehr gute Tage, dafür wollte ich die Bandage testen, ob sie alltagstaulich ist. Ergebnis: Ich bin begeistert!! Sie unterstützt das Knie hervorragend, ist angenehm zu tragen und rutscht nicht. Zudem trägt diese nicht "so dick" auf.

- juliet_sanchez

Being I am a large woman I had doubts these would fit but the XL does fit. The very top half inch folds over but its not annoying. They do stay up ok and dont feel too tight. I have knee pain and I think this helps a bit.

- billy_wright

When these arrived my wife was delighted with them, from the pictures online you can’t appreciate how well made they are. They have a quality look and feel; the material is thick and densely woven with an extremely eye-catching design embedded. The top and bottom are edged to prevent fraying through wear. There is a double wavy lines of a non slip material on the inside of the upper band to prevent the brace from slipping. They are stylish and ideal for either sex.
They provide just the right amount of support but don’t hinder the bend and natural movement of the joint
In the first instance, we ordered the medium size based on my wife’s leg measurement; however, she had so much swelling in her joints that she couldn’t pull them over her knee. We contacted the seller, who responded immediately, and simply could not have been more helpful in making sure we got the right size as soon as possible. I can’t recommend both this seller and the Cambivo Knee braces highly enough.

- josie_smith

Dank der genauen Anleitung zur Ermittlung der Größe habe ich eine absolut passgenaue Größe erhalten, extrem wichtig für die Funktion sowie den Komfort. In nur drei Tagen war die Lieferung im Haus, ein sehr respektables Tempo. Ich benutze die Kniebandage weniger zum Stützen, sondern zum Warmhalten der Knie beim Laufen jetzt im Winter. Dank dem Gummibesatz an den Rändern halten die Bandagen perfekt, selbst im Sprint. Auch nach längerer Tragezeit stellt sich kein Engegefühl ein, die wärmende Wirkung hilft mir enorm über die nasskalte Periode. Die Stützwirkung ist ebenfalls bemerkenswert hoch. Auch optisch weiß die Bandage zu gefallen, insgesamt wirkt das Produkt sehr wertig. Ich kann die Kniebandagen von Cambivo uneingeschränkt empfehlen

- naomi_morgan

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