Buffett's Bites: The Essential Investor's Guide to Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letters

Buffett's Bites: The Essential Investor's Guide to Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letters

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By: L.J. Rittenhouse

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Each year pundits, reporters and financial analysts search for clues in Warren Buffett's shareholder letter after it is
released on the Internet.  They sift through Buffett's reports,
looking for predictions on the direction of the economy and his company,
Berkshire Hathaway.  In 2009, they
misread Buffett's tea leaves and misled readers about Buffett's true
understanding of economic recovery. 

In Buffett's Bites, The Essential Investor's Guide to Warren Buffett's
Shareholder Letters
, L.J. Rittenhouse sets the record straight.  She
shows readers how to find the real gold in Buffett's communications: his
economic principles.  Rated A+ by Buffett
for saying the most with the fewest number of words, Buffett's Bites is
essential reading for all who want to protect their wealth from future
financial devastation. It reveals how to avoid entitlement-driven CEOs and find
leaders who steward investor capital.

eye-popping results - a 45-year book value compounded increase of 434,057
percent versus only 5,430 percent for the S&P 500
- prove that Buffett's capital allocation strategy is a winning formula.
Still, many capitalists either won't or can't hear his ideas.  Could this
techno-phobic, genial host of the Berkshire
annual meeting be a revolutionary?  Is this why he calls his meeting the
Woodstock of Capitalism?  Rittenhouse shows how to read between the lines
of Buffett's letters and find a man who wants to be regarded less for his
wealth and more for the way he made it.
Reading "Buffett's Bites" has been such a breath of fresh air! I I spend my days battling the "conventional wisdom" of Wall Street and trying to get investors to see that the quality of disclosure indicates the quality of leadership. It is so frustrating to see how common sense and decency are completely removed from most financial transactions and reporting. Reading this book has gotten me to realize there are others who see the light.

Mr. Buffett's strategy of working with trust-worthy management teams, paying a reasonable price, and staying committed to your partners will remain valuable, regardless of the next "technology boom" or IT revolution. However, his principles are more than just a sound investment strategy, they are life principles. This should be required reading for all business majors!

John W. Taylor
Tiarta LLC

- elisa_brown

I learned more about business from reading Rittenhouse's little book on the legendary "Oracle of Omaha" than in any economics course or investors' seminar. It is wonderfully written--short--with stories within stories. It's funny. And heart-warming. And you will learn A LOT about money--yours and everyone else's.

You will also learn a lot about what our mothers said was "the rarest thing in the whole world"--common sense. And even "obfuscation". (And not just how to spell it.)

With rapier swords (and wit!), one financial genius and one extraordinarily bright and engaging author will help you navigate the murky waters of high finance. It's a joyful sail. (And good reading for a short plane ride.)

Don't miss this little gem.

My only disappointment is that the publishers didn't put the photo of Buffett with the Sees Candy box tucked under his arm on the cover rather than on the title page. But they will surely remedy this in the second edition.

Nan Elliot
Anchorage, Alaska
April 27, 2010

- everleigh_gray

The master of investing

- katherine_jones

This book had me hooked from the first page - I couldn't put it down. With wit and insight, the author practices what she preaches - she tells the truth. I didn't expect a book like this to be exciting, but it is. The freshness and sharpness of the analysis are part of it (this is how I can be a more thoughtful investor). But perhaps even more stimulating to me is the clear recognition of the ideals and values underlying Buffett's practices. This book is inspiring. I'm giving it to friends and family.

- paxton_garcia

Kudos to Laura Rittenhouse. In her newly released book Buffets Bites Laura illuminates the great mans' investor genius. In page after page she paints the definitive word picture of Mr.Buffets sophisticated yet no nonense approach to investing for all. This is a must read for not only the savy investor but for the investor neophyte such as myself. After all 'money is a terrible thing to waste'.

Ann Keane

- emery_anderson

Like any buffett, you like some things and some you do not. This book is like eathing the meal one bite at a time

- alisa_mendoza

Short, light read. You won't get overwhelmed by information. Still helps investors evaluate the management of the companies he/she is interested in.

- dax_parker

Lots of quotable quotes but short on usable insights. Better to read the original Letters for free and nibble off one's own Bites.

- alanna_nelson

A timid effort at best. Big disappointment. Most of the "Bites" are already known and hardly worth buying the book

- kenna_rodriguez

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