Building a Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love

Building a Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love

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By: Adam Brownlee

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The guide to making money the Warren Buffett way

The book that presents the same fundamentals that Warren Buffet used to turn an initial $105,000 investment into a $40 billion fortune in a way the general reader can apply, Building A Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love is a succinct, logical, and straightforward guide to financial success. Highlighting one simple message: that Warren Buffett successfully invests in great businesses with strong fundamentals, it argues that these fundamentals can be replicated in a small business to yield outstanding results. Offering a solution for people wanting to start a business to provide additional income in today's uncertain economy, and designed to help entrepreneurs build fundamentally sound, small businesses using Warren Buffett's business investment perspective, the book covers:

  • An overview of Warren Buffett's investment methodology and how it applies to small businesses
  • The details of the Buffett investment criteria—a consumer monopoly, strong earnings, low long term debt, and high ROE with the ability to reinvest earnings—and the application of these fundamentals to both start-up and existing small businesses

An approach to building a small business that applies the well respected principles of Warren Buffett, the book presents an exciting new look at the steps to success that have been proven trustworthy by one of the richest men in the world.

As a Baby Boomer, I have had the opportunity to be in Business for myself and as an employee throughout the years.

Some business encounters were fairly successful, others not so much. Transportation proved to be in the latter category.

After reading the book, I can see (as a visual learner) where I made some of my mistakes!

I appreciate how Adam uses charts and then re-iterates the most import information, based upon a proven Business Man, Warren Buffett.

Therefore, if I decide to start up a new business, I will be a step ahead of the "game" having read the book, "Building A Small Business That Warren Buffett Would Love".

J. Mark Yates

- colin_ramirez

As a person who has worked his whole adult life in a mixture of family owned, public corporations, and my own small business, I found this book loaded with good advice for the small business owner. The book keeps reinforcing the basics needed to decide to start a new small business, and just what it will look like. The book also kept reminding me of the basics I should have executed better, namely accounting and profits. Above all, the book keeps reminding you that the main motive for starting a new business is PROFITS, PROFITS, and PROFITS.

- gracelynn_morgan

Interesting. Sets your bar higher. Give it a good read and build what you learn into your business plans for the next 6 months.

- louisa_phillips

The author did a great job at introducing the important concepts of business valuation, which is considered by Buffet as the most important thing to know. This book is a must-read for people who are interested to be a business onwers.

- abby_roberts

In theory, the author should explain a simple and logic process for building a small business that Mr. Buffett would love.

In practice, the author explains a simple,logic and effective process which can be mainly applied for buying a small business that Mr. Buffett would love.

One thing is building, another thing is buying: it's quite different!!

Anyway, this isn't what I haven't liked because the main flaw of this book in my opinion is that there isn't any case history.

I've payed $19 for a book of about 190 pages on a particular subject, hence I would have liked to read at least just one case history!!

Never mind!!

Suggestion for the author: include at least a meaningful case history ( a must ) and if he feels like, he might go deeper because there also other kinds of competitive advantages:


Best regards.


- noah_johnson

Great read... recommended! As a young entrepreneur who's started a handful of small businesses, I decided to see if I could improve on my methods. I have always approached my starts from the outside in... instead of asking what guts need to be on the inside to make this thing work more appealing to investors. These things have been detailed by Warren Buffett and captured here. I just thought what he was doing only applied to stock investing but there is great crossover for small business as well.

- lucille_murphy

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