Burt Rutan: Aeronautical and Space Legend

Burt Rutan: Aeronautical and Space Legend

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By: Daniel Alef

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Burt Rutan is universally acknowledged to be a true aviation and space pioneer. Award-winning author Daniel Alef tells the remarkable story of an American legend and treasure. In addition to creating more than 50 unique aircraft, Burt Rutan was the driving intellectual and organizational force behind the first non-stop, around-the-world flight with the Voyager aircraft and the first privately-accomplished suborbital space flight with Space Ship One. No other pioneer spans such a range. This version includes 56 full-color images.
Burt Rutan is one of my modern heroes, and I have read a number of books and articles about him. Daniel Alef's work is one of the best I have read. It flows smoothly from Burt Rutan's early life up to the present, and it captures all the details and highlights without bogging-down on every single aircraft ever designed.

Yet this book isn't just a biography of Burt Rutan. It's also a fantastic business text. In addition to my day job developing and licensing university intellectual property, I'm an entrepreneur after hours. There are numerous examples and tidbits of Burt's business acumen and strategy.

I would love to meet with Burt to talk about science, engineering, design and business, but short of an actual meeting, this book is the next best thing.

- lewis_green

Great read. Straightforward and engaging story of one of the great innovators of our lifetime. I highly recommend this book. The author clearly did a fabulous job of presenting a very interesting life to many people; those interested directly in flight and those that really just wish to have a great bio to read.

- xiomara_mitchell

This is a well-written biography of probably the most significant aviation innovator of our time. Intriguing insights into the life
of Burt Rutan.

- jonah_diaz

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

- jaylee_adams

If you enjoy reading about those who break boundaries and succeed at what others deem unlikely, this is a worthy and enjoyable read !

- parker_hughes

There's a lot of material to cover when talking about Burt's life, this book does a nice job of touching on his early childhood dreams and follows through to his spectacular achievements in his adult life and does sowithout droning too long on any one segment.

I've met Burt about 10 years ago and also saw his talks at this year's Oshkosh Airventure and this book relays his legacy and ideas in a very realist manner.

It's a great read for anyone who is a fan of Burt Rutan's work.

- bridget_kelly

I was told in March 1971 to try and convince Burt Rutan to stay in the Air Force as a civilian. The Flight Test Center’s technical director said, “Burt was too valuable to lose!” He also told me I would probably fail. Failing to keep in the Air Force was my best failure. Burt’s place in history needed the freedom he chose. A great story!

- rhys_kim

A high speed biography of the modern aerospace legend, Burt Rutman. This book contains an overview of all of Burt's designs.

- paisleigh_flores

I read "Burt Rutan: Aeronautical and Space legend. " and devoured it in a few sittings. Rutan's ingenius designs have revolutionised many aspects of aviation and now his spacecraft seem set to do the same. Reading how White Knight 2 gracefully lofts SpaceShip 2 to the edge of the atmosphere really does put NASA's rockets on a par with the steamship. Reading these lines I feel the spirit of Apollo and the Moonlandings once again pounding through my veins. A really entertaining read. Recommended

- ellen_king

Phenomenal, captivating and educational, it should be in the library of who is passionate about everything related to aviation, Burt Rutan is definitely a celeb to meet.

- marcel_mitchell

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