BYGD 150W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 3 Charger Outlets and Dual 2.4A USB Ports Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter

BYGD 150W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 3 Charger Outlets and Dual 2.4A USB Ports Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter

Posted by junyinguomao | Published 7 months ago

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I have studied it for a long time to know how to use it. Electricity will not be too big. Depending on the battery of your car. There is no problem with charging the phone. The other role is determined by the power in your car.

- adrian_edwards

As one reviewer put it it's kinda made a little cheaply but I drive a truck and I move this thing around all the time and its half up to the daily life in a truck and I'm amazed it's done quite well doesn't fit every single cigarette outlet as good as I would like but for the most part it's a good product

- miguel_ramos

So I don't know if anybody else did this but o did. I bought this inverter to use in my car to power some altec Lansing home theater speakers I hooked up in my car. Man this thing works like a charm. I run my speakers all the while charging phones andy cordless drill battery. Good product. Will buy more to put in my other cars

- maxwell_allen

The power inverter works as described. I used to charge an older laptop that has a big charger. The adapter has an LED that is white under normal conditions and red when the input voltage is either too low or too high. At this point, the adapter turns itself off for safety. The only con I see is the adapter cord is too short.

- jon_green

Perfect for my patrol car

- zachariah_baker

With four kids, I needed this to keep their electronics charged up during trips to the store and even vacations.
I couldn’t find anything else quite like it in this price range, I really didn’t wanna spend a ton of money so I decided to take a chance and order this.
So happy that I did! It works like a charm!
All 4 kids keep their Nintendo DS’s charged up while I’m driving, this thing has literally been a lifesaver! It’s solid high-quality, and made to last!
Holding up to considerable use during the past 2 weeks.
I have an electric cooler as well , that I keep in the car now , to keep the kids lunch Cold when there ready for it, at first I was concerned with strain on my battery, but I have to say that it’s working and my car still starts every day. ❤️ So in love with this little gadget!!
unbelievable value! Highly recommended

- emmett_harris

Its an ok item, it works, very cheaply made.

- elias_cox

drove across lower AZ desert and TX, temps outside reached 114', with the AC on and a small personal fan blowing down (plugged into cigarette lighter) was able to keep pup comfortable. only used it for 1 hour stretches and give brief rest to cool, then turn on again.

- hunter_evans

Great little inverter for someone who travel in their vehicle alot and goes not always have a car charger edition for their tech. Has come in handy more times then I can count to charge devices or run household things while camping.

- ricky_hughes

Great for what it does ! I now have AC power in the car for charging laptop, etc. & still have a working cigarette plug outlet. Built in fan comes on frequently, better than having it overheat & not loud. I wouldn’t plug a high draw appliance into it (like hair dryer), that’s too much for any DC/AC car converter.

- jude_cruz

the cooling fan CAN BE a little noisy when cold, but, unit is slim, has all the outputs I needed, fit where I wanted it to, never let me down...would buy again!!

- jax_perez

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