Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch V-Neck, Classic Fit T-Shirt, Men's (3-pack) (White or Black)

Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch V-Neck, Classic Fit T-Shirt, Men's (3-pack) (White or Black)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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These shirts fit very well, as you can see in the pictures. What is not made clear (I can't stress this enough) is that the shirts are for YOU to wear. The person in the pictures stays at Amazon and tries other shirts on (ostensibly, fitting inside those very well, too). The shirts arrive EMPTY and YOU fill them.

- edith_ramos

If you like form-fitting undershirts that are stretchy and long enough to stay tucked in these are the ones. Don't confuse the ones I'm referring to with the other CK tshirts with the wider, flatter hem around the neck. You want the narrow, raised v-neck version. Best tshirts I've ever had and I've been seeking them out for decades. The only ones I'll ever wear.

- melania_robinson

The moment I opened the package and tried this on I immediately grabbed my phone and ordered another pack. This is THE undershirt I have been looking for. I am 6'3" and very OCD about undershirts staying tucked in and this goes down to the top of my thighs. I am also OCD about the shirt fitting tight and not being noticeable through the outer layer and this undershirt is perfect in that regard. You will not be disappointed.

- luna_torres

Very long, but you can lift it up and it will still look normal. VERY slim, which is perfect! Finally no more baggy shirts for me! Bought two already.

- koda_rogers

I like the way they fit, especially the length because I’m tall. They don’t come un-tucked throughout the day.
The issue I’m having is only after a half dozen uses and washes, the neckline already has “bacon-neck”. I don’t have a large head nor do I need to stretch to pull on to wear, so this issue is very unwarranted. I won’t buy these again. I expect to wear under shirts much longer than this before they begin showing wear. and have never have experienced this before.

- carlee_patel

The length of this is much better than the other products I've purchased. It doesn't shrink after the wash either. Big fan.

- mark_williams

soft, long enough, right amount of stretch, right weight. I can never go back to a regular undershirt. Can't believe I spent so much on undershirts but had to get rid of all the old 100% cotton ones and use these. Too good.

- evan_wood

Best fitting & feeling undershirt I have ever owned! The stretch material helps a lot and the tail is long which makes it easy to keep tucked in.

- marlon_price

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