Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack Crew Neck T-Shirts

Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack Crew Neck T-Shirts

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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At first these undershirts were fantastic. Great material, fit like I wanted and everything. 2-4 washes in, and they turned to junk. The collars were "bacon"-city, the logo along the hem had flaked off, and they just looked worn and shabby.

After getting ahold of Calvin Klein, and providing them pictures, they said they would replace the entire set that I purchased, which was several packages. Well I am sad to say that, after having used the replacements for a short period of time, they are in the same condition as the previous. Now I'm back buying a new drawer of undershirts again, which would be beyond frustrating even if it were free.

- princeton_brown

I question the authenticity of these shirts. I washed it a couple times and the printed tag on the back of the neck just started to peel off...literally peel off. I have purchased Calvin Klein undershirts for years and never had this happen, particularly after a couple of washes. I really feel stupid of paying as much. Never again on amazon.

- beatrice_collins

I expected to receive a "3-pack" of t-shirts but only received one. Below is a pasted erroneous product description statement:

"Cotton undershirts crew neck multipack, classic fit with no tags for comfort. Made of soft, breathable, durable cotton iconic Calvin Klein logo at left hem. 3-pack."

- opal_collins

I used to only buy these CK crew undershirts and liked them a lot.

But in recent years, they're cheaper made than before. The cotton is still nice and soft, but it's thinner, and they don't last as long. At this price, they are not a good value. The cheaper Hanes undershirts available from Walmart are not as thin, last longer, and cost about 1/2 the price.

Too bad. I really liked these once upon a time.

- brianna_thompson

these are nothing like the older thicker CK shirts (i wish I had read the reviews before buying as i assumed they were the same), these are so thin my nipple can almost been seen the quality is terrible even for the cheap price. I will not be buying CK Shirts again

- aurora_gomez

Fit as expected with minimal to no shrinkage upon cold water wash, air dry, which is the usual laundering method for nearly all my clothing. I purchased the men's large as I wanted these longer and roomy but not sloppy. Although if I had wanted them to fit "like a glove" I would have purchased a small and laundered them in the same manner. They are extremely comfortable and very lightweight, thin but not cheap; excellent for wearing in the summers hottest days. For women looking to purchase these and wondering if you would have to wear a tank underneath, the answer is no. You would just want to wear a nude-ish coloured bra underneath the white t-shirt if your aim is to hide the fact that you're actually wearing a bra at all. With the grey and black t-shirts, the colours of your undergarments wouldn't matter in the least. The seams are nicely serged and I experienced no rollover of the collar whatsoever. The sleeves are a good length on me (a woman) so I imagine they would be an even nicer fit on man, especially a man with nicely defined upper arms. The shirts, in general, would appear to be more form fitting and a bit thinner, than say, your average Hanes or Fruit of The Loom variety under shirts. Overall, I think these are good quality and would recommend them.

- penny_bailey

The WORST. I have been wearing white tee shirts my entire life. I have NEVER had the neckband separate from the rest of the shirt before -- not with Hanes, Jockey's, Calvin Kleins, etc. (See photo) These are manufactured in Haiti, for what it's worth. The shrinkage factor alone makes them a poor choice -- the shoulders shrunk by INCHES after a single machine wash/dry. I will not be purchasing Calvin Klein undershirts again. Two stars only because they are soft.

- declan_thomas

After first wash, front neck collar area tore up big and had to throw away. Will not recommend or buy ck undershirt again.

- aiden_taylor

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