Captain America Men's Compression Shirt 3D Print T-Shirt

Captain America Men's Compression Shirt 3D Print T-Shirt

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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Excellent quality

- derek_hill

I loved the feel of this shirt on my skin, and the print is spectacular -- not faded at all.

Keep in mind when thinking of size -- It's standard US size for the most part. I got a XXL because I bought a similar shirt last year from a different company and was told to go two sizes larger. That one was a little tight, which is what I was going for. This XXL was too big -- loose and could be worn as a miniskirt for a woman of similar height. I am returning it and going for a large, which is about the standard size shirt I wear.

- august_price

2nd time ordering this shirt. Great quality. Great fit. However, the picture is long sleeved and each time I order the seller keeps sending me the short sleeved version. I really don't know what's up considering that they're isn't even an option for short sleeves, but either way, NOT the product I ordered. Too bad to, all things considered.

- coraline_bennet

Bought for a costume event for my teenage son. He is a solid men’s medium so I went with that size. It fit him well, not quite compression tight, but form fitting. I considered getting him a small, but he has wide shoulders and a long torso and I didn’t want to risk it becoming a midriff top on him (not the look he was going for). Material isn’t too thin, nor is it super thick. Print looked good. I don’t know how it will stand up to repeated washing as he doesn’t plan on wearing this shirt daily. Price point was good and fit the need well. Overall my kid was happy with it.

- jayce_hill

Actually nicer than expected. The material is very flexible and the XXL was a snug fit. It is a little long but it works. If you’re debating on purchasing the it you’ll be happy. Just keep in mind it is spandex material and very flexible when deciding on size.

- blake_roberts

This was not a compression shirt at all, more along the lines of a snug but not hugging. I have long used another brand of compression, moisture wicking, breathable, long sleeve fitness wear for almost a decade and I was not expecting the same with this but even as a its own brand, I was disappointed. This is a fashion outfit more than a workout gear type of clothing. It does not breathe and it does not wick away moisturize and because it is snug but not compression, it will snag and chafe if you workout for over an hour. Most people won't run into this problem but if you're a runner that goes over 10km, cyclist going at temps below 50F using this as a base later or at a cold gym trying to do cardio or weights without having to constantly tug at the loose sleeves bunching at your elbows or shoulders or wrists- this is NOT the clothing for you. I am going to have to keep on looking for another suitable replacement for my fitness needs as this clearly isn't designed with the athlete in mind.

If you're more of a person that wants to have a good time with friends, be the center of attention, go to a party or get together and stand out, go to the gym and look cute and take selfies, this is perfect for that. Its well enough made for casual wear. Colors are solid compared to other manufacturers that make these superhero shirt that start of super brilliant but fade.

- shawn_gray

I wear this when I work out (in the winter or fall). I love the compression feeling and it really does look like your wearing a costume. Its hokey but it makes you feel like a badass while working out in it and helps get a few more reps in ("If Cap can do it"). I believe this came from China and did take an inordinate amount of time to arrive.

- dayana_reyes

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