Carhartt Men's K87 Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

Carhartt Men's K87 Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

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I am very happy with this purchase. My husband is 6'3 and a larger guy about 300 lbs with a belly. That causes his shirts to rise up even when I buy "tall" sizes. And lately I feel like shirts are smaller than they used to be. This shirt is a great fit for a 2XLT. I bought hunter Green and will be buying several other colors! The only reason I took a star off is because the logo is kinda big and stands out in a way that is a little off. My husband noticed that right away but after a few hours he said he liked the fit, length and thickness of the shirt so much that he didn't mind the logo as much though he still wants me to try to remove it 😂 finally, the thickness of this shirt is a nice medium weight shirt, not that thin cheap stuff you get at the big box stores. ****If my review was helpful please give it a thumbs up!! ******

- brayan_williams

Normally I wear a size large T shirt so I ordered the large. It was a little too big so I ordered a Medium. When the Medium arrived it was exactly the same size as the large, so I ordered a Small. When the Small came it was exactly the same size as the Medium and the Large. There is only one size they are just marked with S.M.L. Since I only use these for working in the yard it's not a big deal, but all of them are the same size.

- aryan_hill

The sizes are unlike any other manufacturer I've purchased from. These shirts don't just run large, mine seemed to be SEVERAL sizes larger than what was indicated on the label. Despite being "regular fit" this thing fits like a tarp, and the length goes all the way past my knees, it's ridiculous. This shirt is so oversized it's laughably bad. Not only does it look terrible, but it would be impossible/dangerous to work in because the loose, draping fabric is just begging to get caught on anything and everything. I've loved Carhartt stuff for years, but something is has gone seriously wrong with their design and manufacturing. I won't buy this brand ever again.

- damari_myers

Once again, not disappointed with the Carhartt shirts I purchased to be embroidered for our construction business. Hunter Green pictured on top of Carbon Heather, Dark Cobalt Blue, and then the navy, all Carhartt brand and original fit. Size LARGE men's and the size is 24 inches under the arm and 32 inches long- from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. Also bought some size large Guilden brand shirts, and the Carhartt is an inch wider, longer, and the arms are way wider as well. Great quality and I know from past purchases that they hold up with heavy use and heavy washing.

- houston_johnson

This is the best shirt out of several brands of work shirts I have tried. I tried stocking up on Duluth Trading Long-Tail t-shirts because they had extra room called a 'tradesman fit' that's the opposite of a slim-fit shirt, that and they are a few inches longer on the bottom to prevent plumber's crack. The problem I ran into, price. Duluth Trading stuff is really nice, I mean REALLY NICE, but it's too expensive. From underwear to shirts to pants, I love their stuff to death but I went broke just buying 2-3 days worth of clothing.

So began my search for alternatives. For a few days I wrapped my mind around all normal shirts being too short for me. One, I do not like plumbers crack and I bend down and kneel down a lot. Two, I conceal carry. Long shirts do 80-90% of the concealment for you if you have one, otherwise you have to dig a holster inside your pants and dig into your hip hard. Extra-tall sized shirts is a cheap alternative to the semi-custom size of the Duluth Longtail t-shirts. Next criteria I needed, price. Well pretty much everything is cheaper than Duluth, except maybe UnderArmour. But UnderArmour stuff is generally tight-fitting, so they lose that competition. These are shirts I bought in Tall size to supplement my existing longer Longtail t-shirts:

Fruit-of-the-Loom (FOTL) cotton t-shirt from Wal-Mart: Average fit around my body, feels like advertized size. Thin material. Cost $8 in Wal-Mart, cheap but it's not a quality shirt at all and doesn't compete with the rest. It's just a grade lower. It's a cheap shirt but I would still gladly wear this if I didn't have my other work-shirts.

Hane's Beefy-T's 6.10z t-shirt: Cheap, less than half price of Duluth. Material is too thin for me for a work-shirt. Yes, even in summer I like thick material as it wicks more sweat away. The material was too thin for a work shirt, same thickness as the FOTL shirt. Slightly trim fitting, after break-in they are what I consider 'normal' for their advertised size, slightly more trim than the FOTL. $10 with Prime.

Dickie's Big-tall heavyweight crew neck short-sleeve: thicker than the Beefy-T, but just barely. Same price as Beefy-T. Very trim fitting for advertised size, I would consider these as a 'trim fit' for very lean individuals to be comfortable in. Even if I was in the same shape as I was at 21, these would still be tight fitting.

Duluth Long-Tail t-shirt (did not order as tall, ordered at normal height): Thick material, comfortable in summer by wicking moisture better and comfortable in winter since it's thicker. Two or three inches taller than other standard-sized shirts which spoiled me and now I order tall shirts from all other companies. I consider them nearly perfect shirts year-round but the price, I only have 3 because after shipping they run over $20 a piece from Duluth, and no Duluth does not have Amazon Prime shipping. Nice, very nice, but expensive to build a wardrobe with.

Carhartt Big-Tall Work Wear Short-Sleeve t-shirt: Material is as thick as Duluth shirt. I ordered this in tall, and is 1 inch longer than the standard-length Longtail-T from Duluth as a result. Not quite as generous fitting as the Duluth shirt, but it's a good bit larger girth than the other brand shirts. Material is slightly rougher feeling than the Duluth but still comfortable even when bending non-stop. Costs $15 with Amazon Prime, 50% more than the Hane's and Dickie's but at least $5 cheaper than a Duluth shirt.

My summary is the Carhartt wins overall. Thick enough, long enough, and I tested mine in 100 degree heat recently. Like the Duluth shirt, the thicker material worked to help wick sweat away longer than thinner shirts will. But I live in a very humid area a few miles from the Mississippi river. Very humid Mid-Spring to Fall. Lots of people might not need to fight humidity this much. I can stock 4 Carhartt shirts for a buck or two cheaper than 3 Duluth shirts, and anyone who works outside often knows you can often go through two shirts or maybe even three on a hot work-day in order to keep dry. So that means I can stock up on 12 shirts instead of 9 going Carhartt to carry me through a whole week without running out of shirts, even when a certain family member (you know who you are in each family) hides them in a clothes pile somewhere for a few days. The savings is enough to make a big difference for anyone buying a few shirts.

- austin_howard

As you can see from the label this shirt made in Guatemala is NOT 100% cotton, nor is the color anywhere as light as the heather grey. You sent me Desert grey. The other two made in Haiti and Mexico supposedly were, but all feel pretty rough like polyester!

- carly_diaz

TERRIBLE QUALITY SIZING CONTROL I have purchased these numerous times I re-READ the TAGLESS TAG in the shirt
SHOCKER it's clearly Stamped 3 X LARGE TALL. it was 7" longer & at least 6" inches WIDER
than the old ones I have made in GUATEMALA (these were also stamped exactly the same & made in Guatemala
if you happen to weigh 300-500 pounds and are 6' 8"+ these will probably Fit YOU.
SIDENOTE=I am 6' 4" 260# 58"chest & my regular size is 3XLT in this Carhartt workwear Pocket T.
the shirt is a nice heavy weight so I am hoping if I order 2XL they will fit like the 3XLT used to Thank Goodness for PRIME & Free Returns

- aaliyah_cruz

I have bought my husband quite a few Carhartt tees, and he has always liked them. I bought this one a while ago, but just gave it to him at Christmas. He wore it ONCE and we realized there was a loose seam already. It was purchased too far back to return, so I will have to resew the hem. I am NOT happy with the quality and expect a lot more from Carhartt, which is supposed to be durable.

- gracelynn_morgan

It fits ok and "works" well for a t-shirt. The material is very similar to original Carhartt fabric, but the stitching on the collar makes me doubt the authenticity as I never seen that on any Carhartt shirts bought from b&m retailers (check attached pictures) Unfortunately, I realized it after wearing it, so no return possible. Even if its not a real Carhartt, which Im not 100% sure of, its still a good heavy duty shirt...

- anderson_patel

Sizing is clearly in American standards. The large I received was comparable to a XXL. I am 6’1 and 190lbs, when I tried on the shirt, it was down to my knee caps sleeves rest beyond my elbow. Also found it suspicious that there were no tags on the shirt- is it authentic? Who knows, can’t wear it anyways.

Will wait to wear this shirt until baggy clothes become the trend again- or I’ll regift to a larger person.

- davis_alvarez

Big fan or Carhartt. I love every product of theirs that I own. I am only putting this rating up to hopefully have someone investigate a potential product issue. I believe that a bunch of 3XL shirts in black were mislabelled or some other defect. I have initiated a return for this product. If you check the picture I uploaded the grey shirt is a normal 3XL, the black shirt is also labelled as 3XL, but you'll notice it is significantly smaller. Another review commented with the same issue, so I would be wary of ordering this shirt in black until this issue is solved and the erroneous products are replaced. I own a bunch of Carhartt items in this size and the Carhartt Mens Big & Tall Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Original Fit K87 has been the only one way off in size, which leads me to believe there is a mislabel. Thanks!

- madeline_jimenez

It's hard to explain the experience of "fit as expected" when you are used to buying extra-large just so you have enough length in your t-shirts. I am on the tall side, and when I tried the shirt on (Large/Tall - ordered from Amazon without having tried anywhere else first) as was actaully excited I could wear a Large and have it fit generously in the length while also fitting my shoulders and neck correctly. According to my age, gender, height I am currently at an 'ideal' BMI yet this is the first t-shirt that actually fits me; I was actaully nicknamed "half-shirt" once upon a time because the average stanfield/CK/fruit of the loom are simply too stumpy in the cut for me. The only reason I gave the shirt 4 out of five is that the cotton is a very heavy weight, so this shirt is not for summer use even though it is 100 % cotton.

- chana_chavez

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