Carhartt Men's Signature Sleeve Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Carhartt Men's Signature Sleeve Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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It's not original Carhartt it's FAKE, bad quality, “”It does not have the logo on back of neck that is distinctive of Carhartt and differentiates them all””. All my family has worn Carhartt clothes because its good quality, durability and prestige. However, those who sell these imitations discredit the brand...
I am very disappointed since I thought would wear the t-shirt for the Christmas holidays. Very disappointed ....

- hadassah_perez

The one's made in Haiti and Mexico are fine, but if it's made in Guatemala it will not have the Carhartt logo on the back of the neck

- trinity_reyes

Received the shirt and immediately knew I had been had. Missing logo on the neck, sizing was way off, color was way off, and the material was wrong. Fake carhartt junk is what I received.

- mina_johnson

Way to big ordered large and its like wearing a dress. Ordered Medium it got stuck on me had to have someone pry it off. What happened always have ordered large and fit perfect, and could even fit in a medium some how something has changed in the sizes.

- angela_king

I needed a good work shirt and after hearing so much good about Carhartt from people over the years I thought I would give them a try. I was really disappointed when I received the shirts I had ordered and tried them on. The shirts were so itchy and nothing like the softness people had told me about when they referred to Carhartt shirts. My skin felt as though I was getting a rash from whatever kind of material they used to make the shirts. I then came to find out that Carhartt shirts were being made in Haiti and not America anymore and it was no longer an American company. Some might say it doesn't make that much difference things being made in other countries but, try one of these shirts on and tell me you wouldn't have wanted a more quality type shirt to wear made with better materials here in America. I'll definitely be returning the shirts I ordered. Save your money don't buy these shirts. You won't get the quality of an item you would've expected from the Carhartt.

- alonso_hall

Well it looks like Carhartt has finally jumped the shark, it was a good run though, I've been buying their clothes for years and their shirts were always worth the extra ten bucks. This shirt I just received is just too thin, the material isn't that thick cotton they used to use, I have to say I'm disappointed for sure, but it just aint the same old good stuff.

- marco_torres

REAL CARHARTT BRAND. Thicker than a normal T - Shirt.
Order 1Size Smaller than what you usually wear for a Baggy fit.
Order 2 sizes smaller than usual for a Regular.

Seriously if you want a Regular style fit you need to go 2 sizes smaller.

I am a XL and I can wear this in a Medium or Large.

Don't hesitate to get a Medium even if you usually wear XL for a regular fit

- teresa_martin

I like Carhartt shirts. Worn them for many many years. Apparently they have changed materials since the last ones I got, seems like a cheaper Cotton or something. While the new ones fit the same, which I like, the material is lighter, has tiny ridges and seems to pick up every hair for a mile around! My old shirts are a nice smooth thick cotton that doesn't stretch and is thicker; over all much nicer shirts.

But I guess these are the only way we can get them now, so much for advancement when products have to be cheapened to still be affordable.

- patrick_peterson

XXL is like XXXL so I had to get Xlarge to get my XXL feel.
I wanted it a bit bigger, but wow this thing is big. I should
Have picked my size and i would still get it a bit bigger. I like the quality also... yeah I just wanted to talk about the size first.

- mallory_gomez

I purchased this shirt for my son who is a slim 6'4 and the shirt is a little big in the body for him. A few washes might address that? The shirt length is good and sleeve length is plenty long so no worries there. The material quality is strong, so I expect this shirt to last him a long time.

- cooper_mendoza

i'm 5'9 215 lbs, I normally wear an XL but from the reviews i ordered the L because they said it was sized larger than expected. I didn't realise how big it was. I kept the Large and bought another in medium which fit just perfectly! But the material is amazing.

- jeffrey_thompson

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